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When turning on the computer I get the following message "shdocvw.dll" not found. The computer screen shows only the windows cloud background. by use the task manager I can get to programs, but i have no start button to get to system restore. can any one help

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Hi try this.

once you have gotten to task manager, go to 'applications' then go to 'file' > 'new task (run)' and type the following:


then press enter.
did not work - new message comes up "Windows can not find"

Whoops sorry
forgot you were on XP

did not work - error message- refers tp a ;pcatopm that is unavailable. I have my restore disk in the machine.

Any more sugesstions?
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well since youve got your recovery disc its time to boot from disc!
reboot the machine with the disc inside, keep pressing F12 until it comes to boot menu. select the CD/DVD ROM drive. this may vary for other machines.