Lost sound after reinstalling win.xp sp3 [Closed]

 fred -
after reinstalling win.xp sp3 me pc.there is no sound of speakers,only sometimes irritating screeching (humming sound)nothing else
q: opening -me device-sound shows no exclamation mark
" " " -sound driver :realtech shows ,working
- there is no exclamation mark - me device-
q: can not reinstall again- lost original disk
please advice

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First, you can try to connect your speakers to the computer and take it off. then, try to listen to is there any sound.(sometimes my laptop gets in such situation, I try this way, it really works)

If it doesn't work, may be you can try to recover the data of your system, maybe there is some data loss which causes this problem, you can search the internet to find some software to help. It is easy.
hi - problem lost sound is on me pc. not on laptop as you have,as said before
I have irritating screetcheeng,humming sound comes of computer (pc),but only now
and then.to sugestion download software to fix problem-I try before only to found
me pc stall after that,removing softw..back to ok,but still no sound,therefore it doesn:t help I am usinw winxp sp3 proff..It is old but works
anyone has same problem-solved let me know
ragards fred

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