Lost Facebook and Yahoo mail accounts

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Windows upgraded me to Windows 10 and cause me to lose both my Yahoo email account and Facebook I used the same password .
Facebook claimed I changed my password last month I did not change it.
I had to get a new email account to get back on Facebook they sent me code number and I was back on however they soon block me accusing me of pretending to be someone else however I used my own name Janet Bosley and my own quote in my cover and I used the same profile photo .
I also sent them pictures and my phone number and my complete mailing address.
I cannot check my yahoo email nor get on Facebook nor click on windows to clean my disk,set my clock there is a small little blue circle that covers all icons on the bottom of my screen .
Windows made a mess and I need my yahoo email and my Facebook accounts restored .

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Aug 8, 2017 at 05:07 AM
So sorry to hear that,it is really a pity have to get a new account of facebook.
I got a new facebook acount after getting a new email addy and got blocked the next day Facebook falsely accuse me of pretenting to be someon e else .
I refuse to use a fake name I happen to like my name and there are not another person living in this smal city withthe same name as mine..I sent them my phone number ,pictures complete mailing address with my new email address .
I have family pictureson my previous Facebok account and I don't want someone pretending to be me and get hold of my family's pictures ..the images they are welcome my personal pictures and my cover quote they are not they are mine.
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Aug 8, 2017 at 06:43 PM

You have sent identification papers, now patience becomes an asset.

You must cultivate your patience and wait, wait and wait. Among the millions of accounts, there are tens of thousands of people living the same situation as you. When you submitted your documents you were the last among the tens of thousands. Facebook has to examine every one of them. You must wait your turn and it may take several weeks.