Login problem on three devices, fourth device OK

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For almost a 10 days now, after receiving the FB verification code for my device T60 Lenovo laptop via phone (or email), I have not been successful with logging in into my FB account. My FB account was created in North America, while I am currently in Europe. I use my cell phone to receive the verification code.

I can receive the FB verification code via email too. However, each time after the received code is typed into the verification box and sent back to FB, I get requested to provide the verification code again, (a different one). When logging in using my correct password, a message pops up saying “This account isn't eligible for this process”. After several trials, another message poped up "You have tried to log in too many times".

I am unclear as to why I must verify my identity twice in a row? I am confident that my account was not hacked because I can access my FB account on another laptop without any problems. Logging into my FB from T60 Lenovo laptop started shortly after I attempted to access my FB account from my wife's laptop, located at the same IP address.

However, my Lenovo Ideapad 310, Win10 tablet, has no problem accessing my FB account. Normally, I do not use this laptop…. only from time to time. So, if this laptop can access my FB account, why T60 Lenovo or my wife’s laptop cannot or my Samsung Grand cell phone? I am afraid to log out from the FB account on this Ideapad 310 laptop because I am not sure if I will be able to log back in again.

Your advice and assistance is needed to help me solve the login problem related to my T60 and Dell laptop, plus my Samsung cell phone.

Thank you for your attention and help. Please respond with instructions on how to access my FB account from the above mentioned devices? I travel a lot internationally and use different devices to log into my FB, including Samsung cell phone.

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I am unclear as to why I must verify my identity twice in a row? 

Please everyone, stop and take a minute to read this entire message!

So are we. We are volunteers on a technical forum called CCM.NET. If your laptop wouldn't get on the internet, or if you needed to add a contact into your cell phone, then you came to the right place. Does your laptops hard drive need to reformatted? We can tell you that...

We can even help if the laptop is not booting, or giving you squiggly lines across it! Do you need the latest driver for your external DVD player, perhaps we could troubleshoot that and point you in the right direction.

In this case, it seems that you know what the problem is! You are having what is known as a customer service issue with your provider. Those type of problem we don't help with! the only advice we can give you is the following bullet points:

+Be patient
+Never dial a phone number to reach a provider such as this, as they have no phone support (they are an social media advertising company!), and your service is free!
+Always create accounts with a landline IP (Workstation, laptop on wifi).
+Always complete all registration and account recovery methods.
+Attach a mobile device phone number ONLY AFTER you have completed all other question regarding your account!

-Regarding forgetting info, and abandoning accounts:
++If you create new accounts, you are BOOSTING their value. Did they treat you well enough to go back to them?

Have fun out there, write your passwords down, and always clear your cache!
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Hello ac3mark,

Thank you for tackling my FB login problem as I described earlier. Regardless, I am still unclear about what prevents logging in into my FB account from the mentioned three different devices when only 10 days ago I was able to access my FB from every one of them. Although the FB application comes free of charge and without live tech support service, my opinion is that FB could benefit a lot financially if a better technical support is provided to the end user.

With regard to CCM's assistance, I am trying to decipher the real meaning of your advice but am not successful. Sorry, but I do not understand your message, although all listed bullets are appropriate. Given that I did satisfy each and every one of them except the "Be patient", could you tell me why the patience is needed and for what? If we do not know what to expect or wait for, then what the patience is good for? It would help a lot if this was explained in some detail.
Best regards,

Expectation really play a lot in this scenario.

What time frame do you EXPECT to have your issue resolved in?

The service provider you are waiting so patiently to access, has over 2 billion users!


Expectations can wreck ones world!

If I expect to have a problem fixed in an hour, but it really takes 72 hours to fix it, my world is wrecked!

If I expect to have my issue fixed in 72 hours, and it is fixed int 8 hours, My world is ALL GOOD! It is expectations!

Your patience comes into play (I hope you are not lost yet), when you understand the you are 1 in 2 billion users! What is .01% of 2 billion? Do you think maybe .01% of the users might be having what ever you are having (once again, the issue may very well be with your password fat figured, or stale cache, or any number of other TECHNICAL issues that you have not described so well!). Is FB even looking into this? Probably not!

Does any other webpage load on your laptop that isn't loading, while everything else is? Are they all using the same profile to access? Perhaps your precious provider doesn't really want you to use the same account on 4 different devices at the same time? I don't know, I am not a user, so I have no idea, nor do I care what the requirements of their accounts are!! What do they say about it?

That is where your patience comes in!