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  • eror 404 Solved/Closed

    plese solve this problem

    nirmal1313 | Google Chrome | Latest reply: Computertech Mar 6, 2015
    1 reply
  • need help for reactivate my account Solved/Closed

    Hello, My Facebook confirmation code cannot be receive by my yahoo account. i want to reactivate my existing Facebook account. Config...

    dondup | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 4, 2015
    3 replies
  • Confimation code Solved/Closed

    Hello, What does confimation mean

    Bradley | Facebook | Latest reply: sis Mar 2, 2015
    2 replies
  • CD-ROM doesn't appear in my computer Solved/Closed

    My cd rom does not appear in my Lenovo computer, but when I put in the cd the green light flashes and you can hear hear the Cd running but it cant rea...

  • Facebook Confirmation Code not received Solved/Closed

    Hello, Facebook Confirmation Code not received in my mobile. what can i do? Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 36.0

    Pop Bidyut | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 28, 2015
    1 reply
  • regarding download of google talk Solved/Closed

    I have been trying to download google talk from past few days but i havent been able to download. Please help me with the needfull.

    maheshsawant | Downloading | Latest reply: xpcman Feb 27, 2015
    1 reply
  • Unable to log in to the Facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello, When I try to log in into my Facebook account I am getting following line on the screen. Please help me to get through this. Sorry, this fea...

    Srividya | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 26, 2015
    1 reply
  • My FACEBOOK Account was LOCKED Solved/Closed

    Help my Account becaus it LOCKED

    bladertalim | Facebook | Latest reply: Blader Talim Feb 26, 2015
    2 replies
  • change the language Solved/Closed

    Can someone please help me? I was typing on face book and the language switched. Now I can't get it off of what it went to back to English.

    regan_lori | Facebook | Latest reply: Computertech Feb 25, 2015
    1 reply
  • Facebook blocked by my office Solved/Closed

    Hello, I cannot open facebook since itis blokvd by my office, i dont have access to administrator,, do you know a solution? Configuration: Wind...

    Salim | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 25, 2015
    2 replies
  • My Google chrome browser not working on windows 7 what I do? Solved/Closed

    My Google chrome browser not working on windows 7 what I do? when I open it it's show a message like Google chrome crash.

    ericmass | Google Chrome | Latest reply: ericmass Feb 25, 2015
    2 replies
  • Download Manager Tweak has resume the stopped download? Solved/Closed

    i am downloading 4GB file with help of this extentios (Download Manager Tweak)., in between my internet disconnect means will it be resume the downloa...

    J | Downloading | Latest reply: J Feb 23, 2015
    2 replies
  • Internet Connected but can't Browse Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am connected to the internet but my browser failed. (ie and chrome - don't have firefox on this computer) I have other connections tha...

  • how can download you tube my nokia e5-00 moble Solved/Closed

    Hello, I whant to my phone on you tube Configuration: / Opera 9.80 Hello, I whant to my phone on you tube Configuration: / Opera 9.8...

    ranjeet | Downloading | Latest reply: pleaseh Feb 21, 2015
    1 reply
  • confirmation code Solved/Closed

    Hello, i dont know my confirmation code please Configuration: / Opera 9.80

    Nickname...K... | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 20, 2015
    1 reply
  • reset gmail password Solved/Closed

    how do I reset My gmail password through this email

  • facebook loading on laptop but not loading on desktop Solved/Closed

    facebook and a few other websites loading on laptop but not loading on desktop - everything was fine a few hours ago. Tried different browsers but st...

  • WhatsApp network error Solved/Closed

    Hi, I downloaded WhatsApp on my Samsung Star. When I register I must get a verify code but it keeps on giving me a network error, please assist to ...

  • autocomplete Solved/Closed

    I have a Dell Laptop insprion 15 3521 it was made in 2012 buy the sticker, and it has Windows 8 which I updated to 8.1 The AutoComplete only works f...

  • ANEW MEMBER Solved/Closed

    Hi my name tiggs.THe other day I stumpled upon this forum by accident. I had a problem although I could connect to internet my browsers ( Firefox an...

    tiggs | Firefox | Latest reply: Computertech Feb 18, 2015
    1 reply
  • I cant login to my facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to look gin to my facebook account and it says I must identifiy my self first by identifying pictures of people. when I click c...

    Ndangi | Facebook | Latest reply: Ndangi Feb 15, 2015
    2 replies
  • Forgetting facebook password Solved/Closed

    Hello, I forgot my fb password can you help me? Configuration: iPhone / Safari 8.0

    Wida shahi | Facebook | Latest reply: Ritesh Sheoran Feb 15, 2015
    2 replies
  • Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Solved/Closed

    I haven't been able to get to my login on Facebook and I can't do a system restore, it keeps timing out. I have Vista, it looks like Windows did an u...

    tjcamtc | Facebook | Latest reply: VinnyBoombatz Feb 14, 2015
    3 replies
  • i can not get in to my old account Solved/Closed

    Hello, I had signed up for facebook years ago but never really used it, it is my email address and i have no users name or pass word. But it always ...

    Iain Campbel... | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 12, 2015
    5 replies
  • youtube downloader Solved/Closed

    How to download youtube free downloader?

    bagudu | Downloading | Latest reply: BunoCS Feb 12, 2015
    1 reply
  • How to get a confirmation code from Facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello How to get a confirmation code from Facebook I didn't get one please help

    queisha52 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 11, 2015
    1 reply
  • games downloads for XP always fail .pak error Solved/Closed

    I tried WinRAR in case it helped. It didn't. I used to have no problem downloading games from for free XP Win32 Now, nothing works. ...

    1anda2 | Downloading | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 8, 2015
    1 reply
  • How to disable incognito windows in google chrome Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can somebody help me on that? I've tried, I've tried and I am tired. Can't find a way to do that. I watched some tutos but I still can't dis...

    onya243 | Google Chrome | Latest reply: shahansha Feb 7, 2015
    4 replies
  • How do I disable my Facebook account Solved/Closed

    plz help disable my account id

    pe | Facebook | Latest reply: kieferschild Feb 2, 2015
    1 reply
  • adobe flash player downloading Solved/Closed

    we want to down loading system for adobe flash player

    raghuvanshi67 | Downloading | Latest reply: Dashing_star Jan 25, 2015
    1 reply
  • I would like to have the show box app Solved/Closed

    I would like to have the show box app

    janetndavid | Downloading | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 24, 2015
    1 reply
  • Only facebook is not opening Solved/Closed

    Hi from yesterday I am not able to open facebook. other website are opening. checked in another computer from same network service provider, facebook...

    maazhk | Facebook | Latest reply: Igottogetaway Jan 24, 2015
    21 replies
  • Forget password Solved/Closed

    Pliz tell me my gmail password i am forget password how cn i recover my password

    Bonjo killer... | Google | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 24, 2015
    1 reply
  • Browser not working Solved/Closed

    I have windows 8 on hp laptop, my internet is working but when I try to go on internet explorer the window comes up but stays blank! Where the http ad...

  • How to boost up my internet connection? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I,m facing a great problem due to the slow internet connection. I,m using the ADSL connection of 128kbps speed but my download speed is...

  • wrong keys Solved/Closed

    Hello, why does # symbol on Lenovo lap top give a pound symbol Configuration: Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10.0

  • how to send my facebook security codes Solved/Closed

    Hello, how to send my facebook security codes

    yhonengalngal | Facebook | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 28, 2014
    1 reply
  • Need Some Help About Facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, I can't seem to open Facebook now. I could access it earlier & it worked perfectly. All other sites can be opened, except Facebook. I g...

    shrad | Facebook | Latest reply: serpenter Dec 21, 2014
    10 replies
  • Adobe Reader 10 Solved/Closed

    I want to download Free Adobe Reader 10 but same is not apper on u-r web site. Adobe Reader 11, I have tried to download but same was download up to 9...

    DSKANT | Downloading | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 19, 2014
    1 reply
  • Login gives Blank Page Solved/Closed

    For the last week I have been unable to login to my FB account - every time I log in using my credentials, the page just goes blank and stays that way...

    fbNovice | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 17, 2014
    5 replies
  • samsung bada wawe3 Gt-S8600 whatsapp Solved/Closed

    Hello, sir I want to whatsapp dowmload for samsung bada wawe3 Gt-S8600. I have beem man try download it. Configuration: / Mozilla Indeterminable

    Bhanwar Lal | Downloading | Latest reply: Ambucias Dec 13, 2014
    1 reply
  • Flash 10 won't play Youtube video Solved/Closed

    Hello, please help me solve the problem.Configuration: Windows 2000 IE 7

    Pwatkeys | YouTube | Latest reply: bree Dec 10, 2014
    18 replies
  • Page cannot be displayed msg in IE & Mozilla Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have got a problem with my system. The Internet Explorer was working fine, but suddenly yesterday for any url provided in the browser win...

  • Trouble with Browser Solved/Closed

    I have connection to my Internet, that is ok, but I can not get my Browser to open?

    CumptrDumy417 | Google Chrome | Latest reply: CumptrDumy417 Dec 3, 2014
    2 replies
  • My Firefox wont work Solved/Closed

    Hello, My Firefox has let me down since I have last updated it. Thing is it was working perfectly before I decided to update it to have more add-i...

    usbdealz | Firefox | Latest reply: frustrated dad Nov 29, 2014
    108 replies
  • microsoft applications not connecting to the internet Solved/Closed

    hello.... my os is windows 8.1 ,i updated my windows 8 to windows 8.1 a long time back . After updating windows everything worked fine but recently m...

  • my facebook account is disabled Solved/Closed

    Hello, my facebook account is disabled so plz solve this problem as soon as early..

    susil111 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 24, 2014
    1 reply
  • whatsapp for..Samsung...GT33091 Solved/Closed


    benz | Downloading | Latest reply: xpcman Nov 17, 2014
    1 reply
  • fake fb account Solved/Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 38.0.2125.111 sir i want to know how to delete the fake account in fb pretending me.hes doing uplo...

    absalon | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 9, 2014
    1 reply
  • facebook is not working since 3 days Solved/Closed

    Hello, my facebook is not working since 3 days ,,i can log in but nothing appears on my laptop screen else white blank page so kindly tell me what to ...

    parsa | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Nov 6, 2014
    1 reply