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  • Amobile nokia5130 antivirus Solved/Closed

    Hello, who will support antivirus of mobile nokia5130, and tell me site Configuration: / Opera 9.80

    Ashif Kamal | Antivirus | Latest reply: dist.urbd Jun 4, 2010
    1 reply
  • TOSHIBA AUDIO Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have been using TOSHIBA U305-S2804 notebook almost 1year and its international warranty got expired on 6 Feb 2009. All of sudden, my aud...

    Nakula | Software | Latest reply: Pandas Rajraj Jun 2, 2010
    3 replies
  • latest norton anti virus for 2010. Solved/Closed

    Hello, Good morning to begin with, I will first like to appreciate the fact the you have given us the opportunity to participate as free users ...

    Nfor | Software | Latest reply: closeup22 Jun 2, 2010
    1 reply
  • Driver for Sony Handycam Solved/Closed


    xavier0513 | Drivers | Latest reply: Sony India Jun 2, 2010
    2 replies
  • Antivirus of 5130 XM Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need a antivirus of Nokia 5130 XM . Please send me

    nilesh | Antivirus | Latest reply: raj Jun 1, 2010
    2 replies
  • network controller, Solved/Closed

    where can i find network controller 4 my acer aspire 2920.. plis help me..

    zimawow | Drivers | Latest reply: jazz May 31, 2010
    2 replies
  • need drivers Solved/Closed

    Hello, sir i need hcl EC2 ME drivers for window 7 where i can get drivers.......??? Configuration: Windows 7 / Opera 9.80

    Rocky | Drivers | Latest reply: closeup22 May 31, 2010
    1 reply
  • windows genuine recovery Solved/Closed

    Hello, when i start my pc an alert message apears which reads " you may be a victim of software counterfeiting this copy of windows did not pass g...

  • free callfrom pc to india mobile Solved/Closed

    Hello, i want totaly free calls from pc to indian mobiles... Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

    sreekutty | Software | Latest reply: closeup22 May 28, 2010
    1 reply
  • gprs settings for china iphone Solved/Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0i want gprs seeting in my china i phone

    sunny | Software | Latest reply: ash_perez01 May 28, 2010
    1 reply
  • urgent driver cd for hcl p28 notebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, actuly i have lost my driver cd so i can't install the driver for windows XP2 ,windows 7 plz send me driver cd for hcl p28 on my mail ...

    saurabh | Drivers | Latest reply: closeup22 May 27, 2010
    1 reply
  • sound is not working Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a problem my computer audio sound is not working so solve the prablem Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 532.5

    ranjit | Software | Latest reply: xpcman May 27, 2010
    1 reply
  • need HCL driver Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have lost my hcl driver cd. i only knw its serial no. how can i get its model no. pls help me. i have linux OS. Thanks Subrat Config...

    pinku | Drivers | Latest reply: closeup22 May 27, 2010
    1 reply
  • no audio output device installed Solved/Closed

    Hello, my computer is telling me that i have no audio output device installed. how do i fix this? Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.5.9

    dylan | Drivers | Latest reply: xpcman May 24, 2010
    1 reply
  • My yahoo account taken by someone for illegal Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to stop them before it comes to my head ache, some one taken my mail and using it for illegal activities. can you pls tell how to co...

    vidhya | Software | Latest reply: suff954 May 24, 2010
    1 reply
  • netframework Solved/Closed

    Hello, i am trying to download net.framework 2 but not to downloading from many sites,any one send me this or suggest any web site.avi

    avi | Software | Latest reply: tennisboy1222 May 24, 2010
    1 reply
  • How do I delete a contact from Skype? Solved/Closed

    Hello, Does anyone know how to permenantly delete a contact out of the contacts list in Skype for Windows XP? The Help page in Skype wasn't very ...

    paddy10 | Skype | Latest reply: suff954 May 22, 2010
    1 reply
  • i have lost sound driver for Intel(R) Pentium Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have lost sound driver for Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GH and model x86 family 15 model 4 stepping 9 and OS is windows xp service pack2(bu...

    Hassen | Drivers | Latest reply: suff954 May 21, 2010
    1 reply
  • toshiba satellite l300 system recovery Solved/Closed

    Hello, I saw the other posts about recovering to the factory settings the toshiba satellite laptops, but I have an other problem to... I borrowe...

  • drivers needed for hp 530 Solved/Closed

    Hello, in serach of drivers for my laptop hp 530 anywhere can i get them? thanks

    bluenite7 | Drivers | Latest reply: mindaugas May 20, 2010
    5 replies
  • disc burner or software not found Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have upgraded to version 8.1 everything was going fine until then every time I want to burn a disc it comes up with disc burner or software n...

    don't know w... | Software | Latest reply: Markus May 20, 2010
    9 replies
  • how to formate 128 gb pandrive with NTFS Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have purchased kingston 128GB pan drive. but don't know how the file system is corrupted in that. Please give me any solution so that I can ...

  • i want to update my avast Solved/Closed

    Hello, Plis i want to update avast 4.8 on my pc at home but i am not connected to the internet,plis help me with something,thank u in advance.

    Ken | Antivirus | Latest reply: KornmonGrim May 18, 2010
    5 replies
  • cannot download norton antivirus Solved/Closed

    Hello, i just purchase norton anti virus on line and cannot download to my computer, it goes through all the steps but when it verifys it , it clos...

    sunshine | Antivirus | Latest reply: Ambucias May 18, 2010
    1 reply
  • Antivirus Will Not update?? Solved/Closed

    I use Eset Smart Security , when i try to update it ,it says "Server not found" ,my internet connection is fine though. This has been happening for ov...

    Jacob | Antivirus | Latest reply: Ambucias May 17, 2010
    19 replies
  • Antivirus slowing down system Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am using mcafee virus scan.I want to change it.So I want to know that witch antivirus is good eset smart security,mcafee total protection ...

    Zamilhn | Antivirus | Latest reply: Ambucias May 17, 2010
    2 replies
  • VISTA live messenger Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to download messenger or live messenger for my windows vista home preimum computer, u have tried so many things, i was able ...

    shab | Software | Latest reply: ash_perez01 May 15, 2010
    1 reply
  • what is the activation code of avast? Solved/Closed

    pls kindly send me the code thx

    rayanne29 | Antivirus | Latest reply: aquarelle May 12, 2010
    1 reply
  • inbox Solved/Closed

    hi..i just wanted to know if there is any way where i can delete my inbox messages without taking the trouble of opening each one..pls help.. Confi...

    lam | Software | Latest reply: xpcman May 8, 2010
    1 reply
  • burn a movie to a cd Solved/Closed

    Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.3can u say how to burn a movie to a cd such that it is playable on any dvd/cd player. I saw a burned movie cd...

    venu619 | Software | Latest reply: ash_perez01 May 7, 2010
    1 reply
  • videocon mobile setting Solved/Closed

    Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0 i have videocon mobile v1750.. i want to gprs setting of loop mobile can you help me..

  • Installation software or drivers for genius w Solved/Closed

    16/10/08 Hello, I need installation software and or webcam driver downloads for my USB CAMERA GENIUS WEBCAM M/N VideoCAM Eye YB604e201882 V2.0. H...

    geylang | Drivers | Latest reply: silver May 5, 2010
    5 replies
  • Help I want adobe flash player on my DSi!!!!! Solved/Closed

    Hello, can someone plz help me get adobe flash player or java on my dsi the 1st person who tells it to me gets to know a website to play games on the ...

    Ivan Drago | Software | Latest reply: Daniel May 5, 2010
    4 replies
  • license key Solved/Closed

    Hello, my avast edition is 5.0 please send me the licence key on my email id.

    sd | Software | Latest reply: samrat May 4, 2010
    3 replies
  • problem with closing windows in face book Solved/Closed

    I can not close open windows in face book, my laptop is mac book pro. what shall i do? Thanks actually when i play a posted video in face book ...

    bright | Software | Latest reply: closeup22 May 4, 2010
    1 reply
  • lost serial Solved/Closed

    hi i've lost my serial for rootsmagic 4 the wife through the box out Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.3

    boroboy | Software | Latest reply: rizvisa1 May 3, 2010
    1 reply
  • I loss my intex driver cd IT-105WC (intex 2. Solved/Closed

    Hello, I loss my intex driver cd so plz help me & send me driver S/N 0904021511

    sumeet | Drivers | Latest reply: dist.urbd Apr 28, 2010
    3 replies
  • can i use malwarebytes,avast and sandboxie? Solved/Closed

    i have malwarebytes free with no realtime,avast 5 free edition,windows 7 default firewall,but i want to use sandboxie,can i use it without conflict??

    sumana soh | Antivirus | Latest reply: sumana soh Apr 25, 2010
    2 replies
  • AVG with Windows Millenium? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I've an old laptop which runs on Windows Millenium. I have just found a use for it again, but on turning it on its asking me to update my f...

    jesperaudi | Antivirus | Latest reply: jesper Apr 24, 2010
    2 replies
  • memory card's virus problem Solved/Closed

    I found some virus in my memory card. I am using Nokia 7310 Supernova model. please help me in this respect. The sound control botton & 7,8,9 digit of...

    mohan | Software | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 23, 2010
    1 reply
  • Samsung Star Thems Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have purchased Samsung Star S5233A. There are only two default themes and I am not able to change themes on my mobile. Can someone please...

    Aks | Software | Latest reply: plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Apr 23, 2010
    26 replies
  • I can downlod sony corp nw-e002 driver Solved/Closed

    Hello, Hello I can downlod sony corp nw-e002 driver

    reza_afshar6... | Drivers | Latest reply: jwasd Apr 21, 2010
    2 replies
  • need a PC remote program Solved/Closed

    I'm wanting to know, what program should i use to controll a computer remotely (over a LAN) that is not remote desktop, does not require loggining in ...

    WorriedParents | Software | Latest reply: WorriedParents Apr 21, 2010
    2 replies
  • online banking project in Solved/Closed

    Hello, plz give me an idea how to make this project, can u provide me SRS of this , so that I could get a base for this project.

    Meenakshi | Software | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 21, 2010
    4 replies
  • how to delete windows live messenger beta Solved/Closed

    Hi can someone help me to remove windows life messenger beta fron my pc I just i dont want anymore on my pc nn thank you

    Gigi | Software | Latest reply: Sammi Apr 21, 2010
    189 replies
  • Partition Solved/Closed

    How to make Partitions after loading OS Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.0.5

    chandrasekharsv | System software | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 20, 2010
    1 reply
  • no Sound Solved/Closed

    Hi! A have a problem with my laptop.After installing some programes,there vas no sound from the laptop.the the volume doesn't work in any way. When ...

    oineal | Software | Latest reply: oineal Apr 20, 2010
    2 replies
  • i want mt6227 software Solved/Closed

    Hello, sir iwant software this mobil modal NO.. mt6227

    vin | Software | Latest reply: tong Apr 20, 2010
    3 replies
  • IBM Rescue and Recovery Software Solved/Closed

    Is it possible that IBM rescue & Recovery software can be installed on other computer brand or not? example, install to HP, DELL, Fujitsut (pc or lapt...

  • point of view 6200 agp 256 mb Solved/Closed

    esta conectada al pc, pero cuando conecto la pantalla a esta ni la acepta como si no estubiera conectada a nada. la pantalla es buena es una LCD y p...

    Seba | Software | Latest reply: closeup22 Apr 18, 2010
    1 reply