My msn messenger won't work [Solved/Closed]

 frustrated -
my msn messenger doesn't work... after updating to messenger beta when I try to sign in... a box appears with the don't send option....
I have tried to remove msn from the system but is impossible... I can't find it in the control panel.... When I remove it manually it still recognizes it and I can't install some other version becouse its older then the present one...
help me please... what should I do...???

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I have tried everything to get msn messenger working been like in for the last three weeks ive unistalled it and reinstalled it and it still wont work! the last time i uninstalled it everytime i try to download it now it wont let me install the messenger part? anyone have any idea how to fix this problem im using VISTA.
Thank you

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Go on this and scroll down,download one of the two links and your webcam will work when u download the msn
all u need to do is install an Uninstaller program...! search on google like "uninstaller" i'd recommend "MY UNINSTALLER" ... once the program is there.. run it .. it'd search fr every posible thng tht can be uninstalled from ur pc.. n there it is! press the uninstall button once u've got the list of uninstallable installs n for sure ur messenger wud be there... im sure coz ive tried... once u hv uninstalled .. u can easily install any older version u want to! :)
but can you tell me how to fix it.i wanna have it but it won't sign in, my friends installed it on their computers normal and it works. if you ask some of the copmutermans how to fix it and they have succes, tell us please how!!! thanks
> natasha
my msn wont work. it signs me in and then immediately signs me back out and says its reconnecting in for eg 45 seconds. it is verryyyy annoying because i cant get on it. also i cant get onto facebook. :(
> samir
the same thing happens to me (N)

but now i cant even sign into msn !this is soo ggayy!
if it says reconnecting then you have a bad internet connection. it happens to me when internet is slow.
i swear i even downloaded my uninstaller bt it doesnt show tht i have a nnew msn in ma comp alreadyy..
i cnt install msn 8.5 cuz ma bro downloaded 9.0 nd its all stuffed up now..
somone pls help meeeee pls

I don't know how but i spent 2hrs last night sorting it out and ive actually managed to get the new messenger and get it working... installed it a few times and completely wiped msn off n its paid off :) x
hey i have it on my computer, vista, i cant find it anywhere but when i log in it loads, it's no where, idk what to do can you help me?
> dylan
you can search it on vista, just go to the start on the bottom and then just type in msn and it'll show a bunch of msn icons and you click the one you downloaded,
Just go to the start menu LEFT CLICK on messenger then sign in as an administrator

When you right click hold down shift then click Run As and It will work
msn plus doesn't work on 8.0 and 8.5 it happened to me to im look for another msn to download
Wow Wow Wow

Ok follow these steps to make messenger work:
(* = optional)

-Uninstall messenger. I recommend ZapMessenger (!E3785B1281BBDA1!1118.entry?sa=143276365). *
-Next go to and download the latest version on messenger. *
-After that right click on the msn icon and click properties.
-Under the shorcut tab click on the 'Advances...' button.
-Check the 'Run as administrator' box.
-Then click ok.

I know that for some people you are not the Administrator so you will require someone's password but this is the only way that is works (that i know of).

These are instructions for making it work for Vista so it might be slightly different.

If you require any further help don't hesitate to ask
Myn Doesnt Work Either It is Sooooooooooo Annoyiiinggg!! Can ANYONE HELP! Windows Live Messenger Website Doesnt Even Help!! ANYONE???

MSN is down people, although when ya check the status on msn page it says everything is working fine.. LIARS!!!!!! all my mates i have text and they say they can't log in!!
> cheekiechops
Yay, its back up now.. as of Sunday 15th March 2009. 23.08hrs in Spain :D
How I solved my MSN problem
ALright i installed new msn thought it was gay and went back to 8.5
I couldnt log in just like the rest of you
Now I solved this by going to and installing the 8.5 patch
This solved my problems and I could log in
I have upgraded to version 2009 of msn and now I when I video chat I can see and hear the other person and they can see me but cannot hear me.
I restore back to before I upgraded to v 2009 and the whole messenger is blank...all contacts gone but when I get a video call we are good with seeing and hearing each other. HELP!
and I cannot get back to the older version.
Is the v2009 not compatible with older versions?

Please help... thanks :)
> tushamo
Hi, I got in here looking for answers because for 2 weeks now I haven't been able to use my windows live messenger, tried everything, I had deleted it cause I was upset at someone on it, then when I tried to download it, kept saying I already had it so it wouldn't download, annoying!!!!!!! I figured out what to do finally, so I wanted to let you's know here what worked for me. I found a free download called, "Windows Installer Cleanup", It cleaned out all my leftover files from my previous installation, & voala, I finally could download it again so it's back to normal. The only thing tricky about using it is after you download this you cannot use it from your desktop, you have to go into start, all programs, find it there & use it there, hope this helps others. rosy.
where did you download windows installer cleanup from?
> zak
type it and search it in google,comes with the microsoft website!
thank you so much!
mine didn't work either cause of the old ver of windowsblinds but i fixed it by usein the new vers u should reinstall win and the updates then install msn 2009 and it shuold work then go through ll ur other programs instllni and tryin msn makein sure it still works andif it don't then it could be bec. u need a newer ver of that program or wont work with the program. sorry fot typos this keyboard sucks lol
Hey, i had same problem you have to have time right on the computer to make it work i think that's what helped me, and if you cant find it in control panel look for windows live essentials its in there. want more help just ask :)
Hey!!! I need help! My instant messasging won't work. I try to log in and this box pops up wit this little box inside with an exclamtion mark inside it and it says Connection error: Please ensure device time is correct. I don't get it? What does that mean? Please help me. Oh and its on my cell not a computer
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i cant find the msn thing to uninstall it.please help,(:

i would greatly appreciate it
and my time is right (N) but its still not working .

thanks heappps
To find msn messenger, go to control panel. add and remove programs and then on the left hand side it says add/remove windows components. scroll down to the last one and it is msn messenger.
the same wid me every time it comes up wid a exclamtion mark n den messenger live has stopped working and shuts off!!!please help send back!!
> Latinmex
I did all steps you gave..... not working at all...... i even downloaded the 1st version.... same thing happened!!!! in other word, not a difference at all
> Katiee x
i know how what you have to do is leave it for 40 hours then try then xxxxxxxx
> Katiee x
my msn messenger is not working idont know why
but every time i try to sign in i got awindow says : you cant sign in please try again later
and i have not sign in since 2 or 3 years
please help me ...what can i do??
well you have to leave it for another 8 years then try ok xxxxxxx
hahaha your so funny! NOB!
You should have someone- a friend come and see if they can help you.
Becuase it does good for another person who isnt used to your computer, and look around and go to places you would normally look!
if you have McAfee, try shutting down the firewall, that happened to me and i did that , it worked. :)
soo. good luck
every time i sign in to msn it dosent work this error comes up that says trouble shoot and stuff...Anyone know what to do??????????????
my friend has it and UGH it worked on hers!
how are you

WLM made me install newest version,forbidding me to sign in unless otherwise. Everything is now installed. I get the "not working" message when i run the messenger (cleared email cache). Fudge.
Yes hello,
Okay i downloaded the new msn and when i try to talk to people i dont see their response and they dont see anything i say.
I don't want to go back to old messanger because well It sucks cactus big time.
its the newest version.
my msn isn't working, it says.. windows live messenger is tempourily unavailble'' but it has been like this for so long now, how do i get it letting me sign in again HELP MEEE! xxxxx
mine is not responding i don't know wat ta do
it stick up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
it wont let me on
you update a new one the newer one

heehya xxx im not sore how to sign in to msn with out a email adressor sign up as i dont have one plz could you sort this mess out for mi i can not live with out it thx milly xxxxx thank you so much
Hey I was having this problem too!! I downloaded the new MSN and couldn't get signed in... confusing to say the least!

To fix this: Uninstall Nvidia Network Access Manager!!

Do that and you will get signed in

Hope this helps