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How to delete autorun.inf from pen drive


Hello, I am unable to delete autorun.inf from my pendrive & therefore I am unable to format my pendrive . When I try to format My pen...

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Prevent boy to surf the internet


Hello, iam a mother,my boy always all night in the internet,i think that is not a good Phenomenon.what should i do

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Cpu usage 100%


Hello, Can anyone help me suggest why my CPU usage is 100% in Windows Task Manager. I m using WinXp SP2 for a long time and although i had ...

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Warning! windows has detected spyware...


Hello, Im facing the problem of the "Warning! Windows has detected spyware..." problem. I tried downloading a bunch of different programs but it WONT...

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Task manager won't open.


hi, i have a problem with my task manager, it's say it has been disable the administrator, what can i do ??

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Unable to delete autorun virus


Hello, i have tried the command in command prompt to delete autorun virus that del\a:rhs h:\autorun.inf but the message came after this command is ...

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Incresse internet speed


Hello, Sir i m using the wireless phone (wll phone)for internet. on starting it shows speed of 230 kbs/sec. and its dowloading speed is only 5 kbs/se...

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Proof defender 2009 - help


Hello, I have the proof defender virus, what do I do to remove it for free? All the fake websites which ask me to download spyware doctor or delete...

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Need anti-virus for 3110c


Hello,pls help with anti-virus for my nokia phone [3110C].

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System security


Hello, i am having problem in starting my system in normal mode whenever i start my system in normal mode,a popup occur in right bottom of screen sa...

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You have a security problem


Hello, I have an issue with my PC (Windows XP), I have a popup that states "You have a security problem" and attempts to sell me new virus protection...

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Downloading abode flash player


Hello, How Come When ever i want to download an adobe or any flash players,(it says something was suppose to pop up like a golden bar) and a informat...

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Pop ups advertisment.(always pop out)


Hello, Dear Technicians, or someone who is good at computers. I'm really bad at computers, and I always run into viruses sometimes. Today i got a pop...

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How to locate virus with task manager


Hello, I saw a friend doing it... he searched for a virus via his task manager... is there any kind of trick???

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green day

Files delete the second i finish downloading


Hello, I seem to have a problem with my comp that i believe may be a virus. The second a finish downloading anything online (a vid, app, etc.) they a...

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Bad virus


Hello, I can't open my local drives by double clicking anymore. I think it must be a virus but i am using avast and nothing was detected. Any advic...

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Virus dump


Hello, Hi every one . As iam working in network security field.I require the dump of virus's . To test the affect of virus on system and network thr...

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Thank you aquarelle


Hello, first i would like to thank you very much for being so helpfull, i thought i had issues with my antispyware but reading the advice you were ...

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Activation code for antispyware 2008 xp


Hello, can someone help me to get activation code for antispyware 2008 xp

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Wich anti-virus


Hello, iam suffering please help me i want a good Anti virus

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ahme abdelrahim
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