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My drives c, d, e, f are not open with double click


Hello, I have the problem with my PC i'm using windowsXP sp2. My drives C,D,E,F are not open with double click. but it works well when xplore and r...

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Avg free 2015 and avg quick tune 2014


Can AVG quick tune 2014 be downloaded and used with AVG Free 2015

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Can't access my facebook hacked


Hi .i can't access my says Ur account is hacked .but that's not true I know it's not .i went to my Facebook sitting chat/massage interred ...

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Pendrive into my pc the data comes in shortcut


hello help please when I plug my pendrive into my pc the data comes in shortcut please help quick

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Internet connected but won't load pages


Laptop with windows 7 my fiancé did have a virus which he used the malwarebytes and had got rid of the virus. It still will not load any pages at all....

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I have a virus that doesn't allow me to scan


I have recently gotten a virus of some sort on my laptop, from watching a free online movie on mega video. this virus will not let me scan the compute...

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Recycle bin cannot empty !


Hello Everyone, I Tried To Empty My Recycle Bin But The Files Are Going Back ! Maybe It Cause By Viruses ! , What Should I Do?

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How to remove shortcut virus on computer


Hi, Everyone ! I have a shortcut virus on my Flash drive ! Then I tried to fix it using "Attrib -h -d -r /d /s Drive:\*.*" but it will return ...

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Files are hidden in external hard drive


Hello, HELP ME PLEASE, win 32 agent i have a win 32 agent that made all my folders on my Seagate 1tb external shortcuts i am trying to use c...

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Viruses cause of high usage process ?


Hello, Everyone I'd like to ask something. I'm just wondering why the CPU usage of the computer is too high though few applications were open. ...

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Pendrive shortcut folders


Hello.. I am nivetha. For the past 4 weeks my laptop is having a problem. Whenever I use pendrive in my laptop,pendrve is showing shortcuts but inside...

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Pc virus c:\... exe cannot be run in win32 mode


Hello, Anticipated thanks for your aid. I appreciate it greatly. The following in a lengthy description of all the steps I have gone through in a...

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Shortcut making virus, after formating?


So i picked up a virus in my pendrive which turned all my files and folders into shortcuts. So I went online and referred to a few posts. I went to ...

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External hardisk is not showing folder


Hello, i provided my hardisk to one of my friend. When he returned he is saying that folder is not appearing. But the size is utilized. Means prev...

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Remove shortcut virus!!!!!!!!!!


How to remove "F:\drdifnloy.MOS-DW.vbe" viruses permanently from pendrive and my usb drive? When i had my infected pendrive in that drive it affected ...

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Win32/worm blaster


Hello, I had a message on spyware protection come up saying I had win32 worm blaster virus and upgrade to stop threat. I didn't upgrade as...

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Unable to see data of usb mass storage


Hello, I am unable to recover hidden data by virus win32/virut, win32swisin.acfp win32/mutbrab(win). pl advise me so that i could restore my impor...

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Google is blocked on my pc


I can't access to google sites. I tried mozilla,chrome and IE. Showing that SSL error. can't connect to I followed instructions on simil...

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An ad please help me remove it


Hello, I downloaded something it minecraft keygen, When I write messge for my friend and then press enter it gives me this ad:Hey, I just found this ...

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Recycler virus


Hello, when I put a usb in my pc I always see these shortcuts and a folder named RECYCLER. Please help me I did a scan with UsbFix, and I hav...

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Can,t remove or add programs


I can.t remove or add programs. I am getting a message C:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe What can I do? I tried to down load fix but it asks wh...

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Only in my laptop flash drive files changed into shortcut


Hello, I have this problem for a few days now. I think my laptop has a virus but I'm not sure yet. This is my problem: When I insert and open my US...

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Searching problem in mozilla firefox


I fetching a problem when I searching my website in Mozilla Firefox with keyword name (clipping path outsource) my site is https://www.clippingpatho...

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Shortcut & .lnk virus on usb and phone keep reappearing help!!


Hi!! I really hope someone can help me..I'm quite desperate... After using my usb elsewhere when I put it back in my laptop, I saw that all my fold...

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Net browser suddenly stops working


Firefox 28 suddenly stops working after a few minutes of surfing the net, but I'm still connected to the internet via my router and my P2P programs st...

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Can't remove shortcut virus


Hi, I have a shortcut virus on my flash drive. I hev tried to follow But the pr...

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Shortcut virus


How could I see my files on pen drive ? Thank you

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¡El Desaparecido!

Virus hampering boot on windows vista


My laptop Windows Vista opens to a gray screen with the words Microsoft windows Vista at the top and Memory diagnostic tool at the bottom. Memory di...

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Virus scan failed - google chrome


Hello, I am using Google Chrome and recently when I try to download any file I receive the error message "Virus Scan Failed" I am using Windows...

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Folder shortcut issue


Hi friends, I got a virus that caused my folders become shortcuts and on clicking them it is showing g:\.Trashes\ can'...

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Usb problem


Hello, i have problem in my Computer . I am using Windows 7. The problem is that i don't know what type of threat came in my PC through net or e...

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How to remove shortcut virus from pen drive


Dear friends... Please help me to solve this problem. I am using Windows 8... I am getting shortcuts for my pendrive when I put to laptop.. I tried...

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Leo Star

How to kill shortcut virus on my laptop


Hello, When I insert a pen drive or external drive into my laptop, I get so many shortcut file from all of my folders and files. How do I kill...

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Files on flash drive changed to shortcuts


Hello Does the following text contains "attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*" spaces when typed in cmd mode? thank you beforehand

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Delete recycler virus without antivirus


How do I delete recycler virus without antivirus

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¡El Desaparecido!

Again n again all files and folders are converted to shortcut


Hello, All my shortcut in the pen drive are normal after following your steps, but after few seconds again all files and folders are again converted...

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¡El Desaparecido!



Hello, when i am strarting my computer i am getting this error script c:\windows\system32\winjpg.jpg , how to fix this problem as idont have cd ro...

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¡El Desaparecido!

How to remove the recycler virus


I've a problem in my PC,I would like to solve .Please help me.

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¡El Desaparecido!

Automatically usb drive shortcut in folder


Hello, USB drives me automatically folder shortcut is created it should be in PD F Solution

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¡El Desaparecido!

How to delete a temporary profile in windows 7.


Hello, My Hp laptop has been showing pop ups showing that I am logged on with a temporary profile. How do I go about this problem because it keeps ...

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My task manager for troyan virus


Hello, I was following all of the steps E-bomb gave about how to get rid of the trojan virus that takes over your desktop screen. I followed all of t...

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Can't install avira


I have a problem, Avira doesn't complete installation and my log file is this [0ED8:0E0C][2014-02-12T19:00:15]i001: Burn v3.7.1224.0, Windows v6.1...

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Firefox add new tab virus


Hello All, I have a question relate firefox. I don't know why? when i open firefox and when i click on add tab, it's will automatic navigate to this...

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Mazqnjrurg..vbs - how do i clear this virus?


Hi, I have tried scanning this with AVG and with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I have also used UsbFix program, I have run the command prompts on cmd....

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Autorun problem


Hello, I've tried all above the autorun is extracted but it don't want to open due to the shortcut virus is there any other way around this Con...

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Autorun.inf remove


Hello,sorry I delete for autorun.inf virus but come to agin this virus. so how I can remove this virus ple help

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Deleted shortcuts keeps on reappearing


I inserted my classmate's flash drive on my PC, I copied one of her files without just thinking to scan the USB before copying the files. The next tim...

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How do i unblock my hotmail account if i have changed my number


Hello, I have been trying to log into my hotmail account for the past two weeks but have not been able to. I keep getting a messgae that says "w...

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Shortcut virus remover command not working


whn i try to remove d shortcut virus from my usb drive using command, it doesn't work. Moreover autorun extriminator takes hours of time. What should ...

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justin koko

Delete delta search engine


hi i have recently downloaded delta by mistake and once i realized it i went to my uninstall programs and uninstalled it and its toolbar and programs ...

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