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How to kill shortcut virus in my laptop


hello.. , i have been get a problem in my laptop... when I insert my pen drive or external drive.. i got so many shortcut file from all of my folde...

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Internet explorer pop up issue


Hello, This issue doesn't discrimate between IE 6 or 7. When I click on a drop down or select a button within a webpage that opens up another wi...

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Icons in program start menu have change to internet explorer


Hello, Hello, Does any one can help me? I have met a problem, all my icons of the program listed in start menu have change to internet explo...

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How to reset samsung sm-b313e?


Hello, My phone is samsung has a virus.i was power on the phone then display on 5-7second.i used reset code but isn't work.plz help ...

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How to recover my pendrive data.


Hello, i have a problem in my pendrive. problem is that I dont know what type of threat came in pendrive. it hides all my folders pendrive. whenev...

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Flash drive files replaced with strange symbols and numbers


Hello, I plugged my 128gb usb flash drive into my pc and a box popped up saying there was a problem with it and would I like windows to fix the prob...

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Pc turn off and on automatically!!!


Tat day i downloaded pivot stickfigure animation then installed it. it worked fine. then i play counter-strike source...then it jammed and the game sc...

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Internet browser redirecting


Hello, I followed all of your instructions to get the desktop background off and I deleted all of the files, but now when I go on the internet and ...

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my antivirus software (Norton security) popped up a warning and said it detected a large amount of suspicious outbound traffic from my computer.I said...

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Pendrive infected with a shortcut virus


Hello, hi, my pendrive was first affected by a shortcut virus. after scanning the same with windows defender in windows 8.1. the virus was remov...

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Can't open any programs windows 7


Hello, I recently got a bad virus and can't open any programs. I've tried using rkill but I can't get any of the versions to run. I've also tried ...

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App crash, iexplore.exe


Hello, Two days ago I downloaded an ActiveX add-on to play a particular game online. Yesterday, when I tried to access the internet, even though my c...

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mel S.

Folders in external hard disk showing as empty


Hello, Please help me out, my hard disk of 320 gb showing all folders as empty but in properties it showing the full size and free space acurat...

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Trojan desktop blocker?


A programme called personal security has started poping up saying my computer has 43 different viruses and that I need to pay for an activation key to...

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Background message "warning! spyware detected


I let my roomie use my comp while I was away for a few weeks. I returned to find "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install antivirus or spy...

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How to remove c:\google\googleupdate.a3x" error


Hi all, Please help me on how i can stop a pop up on my desktop whenever i start my computer windows 7 professional 64 bit. It looks as in the pictur...

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Windows won't load


So computer was working fine,I downloaded Microsoft Office and didn't like the pop-ups that came with the generator so I canceled install and was goin...

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Memory card shows uuuuuuuuuuu


My card is 32GB today i copied my all computer date on it and formatted full drive than i copied data from memory card to hard drive when i open folde...

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My laptop is shutting down and restarting over and over


Hi, I have an asus rog g752 with windows 10, i resently tried to download a file but i'm guessing it turned out to be a virus. After 2 to 5 minutes f...

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Vista can''t open any program


Hello, On my other computer Vista will not open any programmes. After AVG warned us that we had a virus and we sent it to the Vault. After that...

Last reply on 8 Nov 2016 by

All browsers crashed, internet working


Hello, I have Windows 11. All my browsers suddenly crashed and wont work now,but my Internet is working (messengers like skype and qq are ok). Wha...

Last reply on 31 Jul 2016 by

Chrome extension keeps coming back


Hello, Every time I launch google chrome, I noticed that the extension "poohjpljfecljomfhhimjhddddlidhdd" keeps installing which I suspected has c...

Last reply on 27 Jul 2016 by

What is a virus


Hello, why does viruses come on compter and what is a viruses?

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Safe to recover file/s isolated by antivirus scan?


Hello, When my antivirus detects a virus is it safe/smart to recover that file? An option in the isolated vault says to delete or leave it in th...

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Virus .dll file


Hello, There's a .dll file on my computer that's actually a virus and whenever I try to quarantine or delete it it tells me access is denied. I thi...

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How to unblock my mobile


Please help, my baby was playing with my mobil and it is now blocked by CM Security, I need a 4 dijit number which I was not notified about, I only ha...

Last reply on 8 Jul 2016 by

Computer keep freezing every now and then.


Hello, HI all Am having an issue of my computer which is sending a bleu screen of death when i open many programs , and sometimes its very sl...

Last reply on 23 Jun 2016 by

How to unblock hotmail account


Hello, i need help, my hotmail account which i have been using for almost 7 years has been blocked because of spam or something. I can log in, but i...

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Unable to run appplications


I think I have been infected by a virus! 1. On start up I get a script error 80070002 saying C:\WINDOWS\run.vbs. 2. I am unable to access many web ...

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Malware / virus preventing connection to bt dns - please help


My dad pays no attention to what he's clicking on when he uses his laptop, despite me telling him over and over. I've lost count of the number of time...

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Want to remove omiga plus


How do I get rid of omiga plus? It has installed itself on my pc, placing istelf as my home page and I cannot remove it by the ususal uninstall method...

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Pendrive data recovery


dear sir, kindly any one help me to recover my data in flash drive,in properties its showing data is there, but when i opens it shows empty, can any ...

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Attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* --> this cmd not working


Hello, attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* --> this cmd not working for me please tell me something sir Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 50.0.2661...

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Virus on mobile phone/cell phone


Hello, Guys i seem to have a virus on my phone it shuts off on its own and then when im on the internet it has an ad popping up saying to pay up to ...

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I received a message to my mobile from +deleted by moderator by namebenny dixon on05 april 2016,quoting that he wants to donate $5.3M to the under pre...

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Using edge browser when connecting to internet message to call


Hello, Message said to call 844 332-2448 that I had dangerous virus and cannot log on internet. Just keep repeating message. I can use chrome br...

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Mp3 files got converted to jpg


Hello, Last time I surfed on internet and some kind virus/malware has converted all my mp3 files to jpg files. Please help to remove this virus an...

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Want a solution for pendrive recovering


Hello, When i entered the comand attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* ... system shows path not found message. what is the solution. Configuration: W...

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I can't see my desktop on windows10


Hello, Over Christmas we I got a windows 10 for Christmas... But sadly I can no longer see my Desktop... I am hoping that someone can help me solv...

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About shortcut virus


Hello, please help me!! ... it didnot worked on my pc Configuration: Windows / Chrome 44.0.2403.130

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Pen drive files are as shortcut


I had to use my pendrive elsewhere and now even after running a virus scan it only has a shortcut, though I can see that all the files are there while...

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How to remove pluto t.v. from my dell laptop


Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question, sorry if its not... Just wondering if anyone here can tell me how to remove Pluto T.V. from ...

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itsme jojo

Do i have a virus? help please!


Ok, so basically: I tried to download a game. It came with all kinds of crazy programmes, which I deleted. I'm now unable to connect to the Interne...

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Shortcut virus


Hello, when I put pen drive usb all files will gather together and creat a pend rive shortcut with hidden files names "~$wequljwcx.bak" and also "I...

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How to remove safefinder, snapdo and websearch?


Hello, After many scans with my antivirus and adwercleaner, it turns out that my laptop it's still infected by websearch, snapdo and safefinder and...

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How to wipe out virus on samsung a5 mobile


Hello there, My Samsung A5 has contact virus, how do I wipe out all this virus?

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Usb fix


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much. I had the problem of a short cut being created on ANY flash drive I installed on one of my laptops, a Dell...

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Launching internet after dns probe


Hello, I have a dell laptop with Windows xp. I am getting dns probe finished no internet message. This was on chrome browser. I used the compute...

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Removing smartcomp safe network/getprivate virus


Hello, I recently downloaded malware/adware from piratebay and my anti-virus detected harmful objects which seemed to lead to a suspicious folder call...

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Autorun.inf virus in usb


Hello! I think I have an autorun.inf virus in my usb. I think my usb get it when I inserted it in my classmates laptop =_= I first saw the autorun i...

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