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How to install joomla on your website

Hello, i got a website in php on linux plateform, now i want to install joomla framework on it, any help in this regard would be really appreciated...

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Hp to hd external monitor

Hello, I am trying to connect a SAMSUNG external monitor to the HP Pavillion DV5. When I power up the Laptop I could see the memory being read on bot...

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I cant access my wiki at my home network

Hello, I just tried to set up a wiki at home. I used a WAMP server and set up the mediawiki and website would display correctly at 127....

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Yesco web cam

Hello, i installed my wem cam the make is tesco the green light comes on but computer says it is not connected can you help please

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Qt ogre integretion

Hello, How to integrate ogre to QT? I need help really fast thanx

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I forget my email

hi i forget my email but i remember my password and i think my email start by ( i_like_youu somthing like that and i know the answer so plz anyone ca...

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How to make own forum

Hello, Hello,i am sunny and i want to ask experts that how can we desingn and creat or own forums for online games AND IT SHOULD BE PRIVATE.please ta...

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I forgot my password

Hello,i forgot my gmail password and securiti question how can I find or change my password for free.please let me know?

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Anonymous User

How would you make this video...

Hello everybody, I was hanging around on YouTube (so did you!) and I hit upon this crazy video: ...

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Hello, I do not know if I am in the right area asking this question, but does anyone know if its possible to find out is someone is blocking your e...

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Open psd file forgot password

Hello, I have protected my psd with the password but i forgot my password wanted to open it now..Any resolutions for the same.. Archana..

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Twisted effect with css

Hello, I want to make a twisted effect on my page but i don't know the codes... can anyone help me?

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Hello, How to make rough textures on my blog sides with CSS???

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My computer became muted...

Hello,yesterday when I viewing a site from china(i forgot it address),my theme suddenly change from xp theme to classic theme,but it change back xp th...

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Flash random animation

Hello, Hi i want to make a random animation where for example you put your cursor on a butterfly and this make it goes randomly on the screen... ca...

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Php/ zend server

Hello, How to you a zend server please?

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Hello, Can someone give me an instructions in how you configured my webserver. In my case, I built my webserver (i.e. server1 and server2) server2 wh...

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Lan setting

Hello, i disabled my lan network as i was trying to set back my IP address which had been tampered with and i cannot seem to enable it. The problem a...

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Flash mail contact

Hello, What is the code to make a flash contact box so as i don't have to pass via outlook if whether i want to send a mail via contact for example...

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Cant open video

Hello, me nman s prblm ng cp qoh,d xe mkpg open ng video,llo n ung youtube! cno pwd mgbgy ng installer 4 video like firefox?

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New website


Hello, I want open personal website for my company name. please advise me ,how to get it? Nazir

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Images on yahoo homepage/email & other www

Hello, Good morning! I want to get help from you regarding my problem on my default Yahoo Homepage as well as my Email and even the other websites tha...

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Address not found

Hello, I had a site but now it's shows me address not found, before i go to site domain could it be technical problem or should i get the support o...

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Montor is off when wireless connection is on

Hello, i have a sony laptop, just bought it a week ago. when i turned on the wireless conneciton the monitor went off. what is the problem with it?

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Image swaping

Hello, Is it possible to get an image swap without using Java? I mean I set it up so when I hover over a link, an image will change to another one ...

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Database creation help

Hello, I am currently building a website that allows agents to manage all of their clients' information. With the database I'm building, I will ob...

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Cel shading

Hello, Any one can get me a tutorial on cel shading please???

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Hello, Hi, Im searching for some tutorials on delphi, Anyone can help me?

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Html files

Hello i just started to create web site on Html i would like to have the correct codes to link other pages can someone help me ?

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Hello, i wanted to know how to remove contact box in myspace ?

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Sending email

Hello,I am trying to send an email as usual then I faced a problem. A statement comes out asking me to rewrite some letters and numbers to fight spams...

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Website is up but will not show pics or links


Hello, my website is up and running but it does not show links or pictures. I have created a website using dreamweaver cs3, re-123 server and filezi...

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I cant understand it its on french!

Hello, How does this site works, what do i have to type in, in the formular i cant understand it since its on english explain please if possible :). ...

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Is ebay a safe site???

Hello, i have heard lots of people talking about ebay,is it really a good n reliable site to buy things or not????thanks for ur replies ;-)

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Help for my site

Hello, I am searching for an example of hows to write a script for my site so as it can detect foul language and stop the message to be posted on m...

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Webmaster left us high and dry

Hello, I am in dire straits, our webmaster up and left, didn't leave us anything for our domain account, no password, nothing. The site it down. C...

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Buttons in actionscript 3.0


Hello, I'm trying to make my buttons clickable in flash CS4 ActionScript 3.0, but for some reason it keeps giving me the error - 1120: Access of unde...

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Web hosting


Hello, I registered a domain name from . I am new to webdesigning. What is the next step to upload my file? I tried with Fil...

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Internet explorer

Hello, i have window vista home premium istalled in my laptop . before it was working correctly but now when i open internet explorer its taking too...

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Help, website navigational issues

Hello, I created my first website (for myself-- for business purposes). I had downloaded a template and worked with that in Frontpage. When I c...

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Website form sent only first question/answer

Hello, I tried to insert a form in one of my pages, but when I click submit it send to my email only the first answer to the question. It doesn't sho...

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100 computer connect

Hello i will must connect the 100 computer .But i wont give ip how ,

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Multiple google home pages

Hello, When i go on the internet i suddenly have 2 google home pages. The one I have customized for me and a generic google home page. How do I get...

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No respon when inserting cd inside my lappy

Hello, i hv da same prob too.and i really need help.its really hard for me to watch cd movies.because my laptop didnt response with any cd/dvd that ...

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Hello, We are trying to make our own website. We would like to let other people register on our website. do we have to buy an attachment for our web...

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Execute exe files one by one

Hello, my name is bala i am doing a acadamic project now. how to run the url links and exe files one by one give some example in javascr...

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Do not open web page in ie

Hello, Sir I have create web page in fedora 8.0 It run properly in mozilla but same page i want to open in IE it give me the error messag...

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wires and plugs

Where is the "window apache http server "

Hello, The window IIS7 2008 damaged us some web page (originally working in IIS3) to be did not work. Could you tell me which Web Hosting company...

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Tong-Gao Tang

Webcam cd



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What is the best program to use to create log

Hello, as i use to create logo im searching for a good software to use to create logo on pc please;-)

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