Apps to stop your smartphone addiction

Apps to stop your smartphone addiction

With lots of apps and distractions comes the need to get more self-control and healthy habits when using your phone and apps. So we made a list of the most used and performant apps to build new digital healthy habits.

Forest - Focus for Productivity

Forest - Focus for Productivity is an Andoird and iOS app. It is a well-designed productivity app that aims to keep your attention focused on your tasks and reward you when you do well. The principle is simple but very effective, you decide how long you need to stay focused, and once the timer ends, a tree of your choice is in your virtual forest: that way, day after day. You will be able to build new habits and routines while making your forest grow. Finally, it is up to you whether to allow the app to monitor or not if you left the app or used your phone.


Flipd is an Android and iOS app designed to be very aggressive when it comes to making sure you do not use your phone when you set it to. You will be able to lock your phone for a period of time you decide, no matter what, even restarting your phone, you will not be able to disable the app. You can even use it remotely to flip off another user's device if you are part of a team.


Space is an Android and iOS app that is a personalized behavior change program designed to help you think about how you use your phone and how it affects your life. The app tracks usage like many other productivity apps to clearly identify where you spend most of your time, how many times you unlocked it, and lots more. At the end of the day, the addiction score the app gives you really works to make you change your habits.

Detox: Procrastination Blocker

Detox: Procrastination Blocker is an Andoird app. It is one of the most popular apps to help control a phone addiction. Like the rest of the apps in this category, Detox Lock allows you to block the apps that waste your time and will enable you to control how much time, in total, you spend on them per day. In addition, detox is designed to keep apps restricted, even if the device has been restarted.

Note: Huawei and Xiaomi mobiles have their own task cancellation services that are incompatible with Detox and can change the app's functionality. If you have one of these brands’ devices, be sure to add this app to those allowed in your security settings.

AppDetox - App Blocker for Digital Detox

AppDetox - App Blocker for Digital Detox allows you to set your parameters on an app-by-app basis to configure whether or not using each app is considered a disruption. Every time you don't follow your rules, the application will remind you and suggest that you put your phone down.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused is an Android and iOS app for those looking for an app to improve their self-control and productivity by reducing the time they spend on their phone, Stay Focused is one of the best options. Stay Focused is an app that blocks other apps, from social networks to instant messaging and even the phone completely. One of the highlighted features of Stay Focused is that it allows you to customize the amount of blocking that you do. For example, if you wish, you can block Instagram for three hours, or if you prefer, you can configure a maximum use of 40 minutes per day for a specific app.


AppBlock is an Android and iOS app that is an excellent option for those who want to improve their productivity and performance while working and studying. With AppBlock, you can block apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to enhance your concentration. One of the features that differentiate AppBlock is the ability to stop yourself from deactivating it. You can set it up for a certain amount of time, and you will be unable to alter the settings before that time limit has run out.

In addition, AppBlock has a tool that allows you to create different profiles. You can set up each profile to block other apps. For example, if you need access to Instagram for work but do not need Twitter, you can block Twitter and keep Instagram accessible.


Antisocial is an Android and iOS app that brings an original concept that helps you understand to what extent you are addicted to your smartphone. This app shows you in precise detail the daily consumption of your phone. In addition, Antisocial collects the statistics related to your device's usage and offers you a comparison with other users of the app.

In addition to this, as with most of these apps, Antisocial allows you to restrict access to apps that waste your time and let you set daily limits for each of them.

App Lock Master

The App Lock Master Android app is one of the simplest and fastest alternatives for locking apps that make you use time. However, this app works slightly differently from the others. You first need to create a password that will allow you to access the blocked app.

This is probably a better app for those who need a more aggressive restrictions policy. If you are subconsciously clicking onto an app, you will be prompted for a password - this should be enough for you to get back to work.

This app has the alternative use of securing your phone and stopping unwanted users from accessing specific apps. Among its most striking features is the possibility of taking automatic photos if someone tries to access your phone or blocked apps. There is also the possibility of hiding the App Lock Master icon to prevent anyone from deleting it.

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