How to execute .exe file in MacBook [Solved/Closed]

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I just download the msn file to install but I don't how to execute the .exe file. I am a rookie of Apple.

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Hello frenz...I know m a bit too late to answer this but doing so just because I found it really easy. Well, there is a software called winebottler for mac, you just need to install that in your mac and then simply open your .exe file with wine by right clicking and "open with". Once wine opens up you can select the appropriate options and click okay and your executable file would be converted to mac file which can be readily executed on mac.
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You have to download Microsoft messenger for Mac, It would be a .DMG file.
heres the link for ya =]
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Hi There,

Apple computers running MacOSx are unable to execute .exe files. If you had a problem with an important exe you really need to open you could buy VMWare Fusion, this will allow you to install Windows on a Virtual Drive and run it from there.
Another posability is to create another partition and run Windows in a dual boot environment, this is the best way to go if you are doing resourse hungry things such as Video Editing.
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If you want to open .exe files on a mac, there are ways to do it. Try darwine
or a PC emulator, there not perfect, unless your willing to pay a bit of money, but they do work for just running setups. Although if you are just trying to install msn, i'd just go to the website, and download the mac version, cause I know they do make one. But if you evr have an .exe program that doesn't have a mac version to go with it, try some of the sites I mentioned above.
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'EXE's are Windows-only files. The will not run on Mac OS X. Download the Mac version instead.
I run .exe on my mac all the time. Just use Mono to compile your source code :)
the mac version is an exe file
What's Mono?
the mac version is .dmg
mightydoey10 - May 24, 2010 at 02:58 AM
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ok so there is an app named crossover or get darwine to open the .exe files
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Is there any way if there is no Mac version download, like some games.?. My friend;s having this kind of problem as he just bought this MacBook recently..
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you can download windows rc on a dvd and install windows via bootcamp. ive tried darwine but was unsuccessful. you may also download exe files and put them on external drives (cd's, jumpdrives, etc.)
then load them onto a computer with windows
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You can use bootcamp, but if windows is not something you use everyday, I recommend just using a virtual machine.
Theres an easy one on this link
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Buy the "Crossover" application for your Mac to run windows applications without windows installed. it works well for a lot of XP or later windows apps. It is based on a variant of Wine.
but it can't play exe. games on mac
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Download " OOo_3.2.0_MacOSXIntel_install_en-US " from
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download the mac version
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check this out