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My Talking Tom is a popular game in which you have to adopt the cat Tom since childhood and give him the care he needs to grow and develop. This time Tom is a pet and needs to be fed, dressed and cleaned daily. It is ideal for children, as they can interact with Tom and make him play, take him to the bathroom when he asks, and to bed when he is tired, resulting in quite entertaining situations. It is even possible to record videos of Tom's occurrences, share them and watch as other users raise their own pet.

As is characteristic of Tom, he repeats everything he hears through the microphone and reacts in a funny way to the caresses he receives. The game has options to customize Tom, choosing between different coats, dresses and accessories that you can combine to your liking.

Other Systems

My Talking Tom for Android is available on iPhone and Windows Phone.


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Latest update on June 6, 2017 at 05:45 AM.