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  • Version 1.0.3
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Are you a fan of animatronics and FnaF series?. If so you will love the Ultimate Custom Night free download APK version. Ultimate Custom Night is an indie survival horror video game developed by Scott Cawthon released in 2018. Enter the custom-made adventure and stay alive against the Ultimate Custom Night characters, those adorable beings that kept us awake at night.

Key features

  • Gameplay: Ultimate Custom Night is a solo survival horror game adventure where you will have to solve challenges and stay alive against killer animatronics playing with mobile-adapted controls. The game has an average duration of approximately 25 to 30 hours. There is no Ultimate Custom Night online mod as of now.

  • Customize each game: Build up your own story by adjusting settings such as the type of your office, the animatronics you have to face during the game, their level of AI from 0 to 20, and the available power-ups. You will also be able to add new mods developed by the community

  • Huge list of characters: You will be able to choose among 50 Ultimate Night Characters, each of them is unique.

  • Thematic challenges: Ultimate Custom Night offers you more content with 16 challenges to be completed.

  • Master the game, master the tools: To stay alive and complete the challenges you will have to master various tools including a music box, a power generator, a heater, and you will also need to cleverly use laser traps in the vents, purchase items from the prize counter, keep an eye on Pirate Cove Curtains and many more!

  • Stay alert: The cute animatronics will chase you down so make sure to always keep an eye on them with security cameras, avoid them by using ventilation ducts, etc.

  • Coins: Death Coins are specific coins you earn by reaching objectives. They will allow you to eliminate specific animatronics. Faz Coins will be used to gain power-ups or distract animatronics.

  • Discover the universe in depth: Earn points and unlock unpublished video sequences that will show you new aspects of the plot.

  • Graphics and sound: Ultimate Custom Night remains faithful to its universe with authentic graphic design, chilling and thrilling sound design.

Is Ultimate Custom Night for Android free?

This Ultimate Custom Night APK is free.

How to install the Ultimate Custom Night APK?

To install the Ultimate Custom Night APK on your Android device you need to authorize the installation from unknown sources. You usually find this option in Settings > Security. You can also complete this same process from the popup window that appears on some Android devices when directly installing an APK. Then, go to the 'Downloads' folder on your phone and you will see the file ready to unzip and install.

Age Rating

It has been classified PEGI 12. It does not contain scenes of explicit violence, but the content may be frightening for the youngest members of the family.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Android 6.0 or later.

  • Memory: 2GB RAM

  • Storage: 151 MB

Other alternatives

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Other platform

Ultimate Custom Night is also available on PC and iOS.

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