How to connect two laptops using LAN cable in [Solved/Closed]

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We want to play Age of Empire between two Laptops

How to connect two laptops using LAN cable in Vista? Could you explain us from first step?

Thanks for your support

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1st step:Install lan driver in both laptops from there own methere bord cd.
2nd step:Connect both laptop vis lan wire.
3rd step:Goto startmenu--->Control Panel--->Network Connections.there is a item whose name Local Area Connection
4th step: Right click on Local Area properties from menu.
5th step:select General tab,see there is a level name by "The connection uses the following item :".scroll and select Iternet protocol (TCP/IP) and press properties button
6th step:Select Use the following IP address,put ther IP address.its like address) and subnet mask is and press ok.after thene press close button.

i think after that work,
but note that ip address are diffrent in both lapto.
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guys... just create a home wireless network of laptop... as many as can laptop can b connected... and u can transfer data.. and can play games with each other...
thank u.. this is really good
but it ask network password
Thanks so much, the knowledge was a great help for me.
You need a special "crossover" LAN cable - standard LAN (CAT-5) cables are made to plug-in to a router.
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Dear Sir,

Please get to the following address for having the connection completed.

Thanks in advance.
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1) Plug-in your cable to both PCs
2) startup 1st pc's AoE as host and ONLY THEN startup 2nd pc as client

DONT DO ANY IP CHANGES!!! Windows automatically assigns you addresses of homespace that start with 169.x.x.x
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You can also check out this article that shows you how to connect two computers directly by using crossover cable.
u have network cable it must a cross over cable.i must have a network and the second one will take network from the other laptop it will config it self.
You all are perfectly right but there is another thing you must tell the user that if you are connecting a two laptops ,then in many laptops only modem connection is given and not lan connection so therefore to connect two modem so that we can play multiplayer games and can do data transfer ,you must need a cross lan wire instead of parallel lan wire
my name is not i'm having a problem actually I don't classify it as a massive constraint.So my point of interest is I want to know if windows can share files or printers without connecting to the lan.the reason im arising this point is I heard some guys discussing this issue so please put me in the picture.I dont have a problem with my mandriva linux and suse linux interprise.