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My hard disk i s not showing in my computer and its is not showing in disk management also,but yellow mark is there in device manager and its showing in devices and printers.when I connect to computer tik tik sound i foun in hard disk after some time it stops.LED also blinking.
what is the problem how to resolve this?

Ravikiran Dasari,

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Hello ravikiran,

Have you tried to plug the hard drive to different ports on your computer? If not and the PC has several USB ports, I recommend you plugging it in each of them because, for instance, the rear USB ports or that ones on the front panel may need updating their drivers.
Besides that, I would like to know, have you connected the external hard drive on different computers with different operating systems recently? If so, tell me more about it. I am also interested if the external drive has additional power cord or it receives the power by an USB cable. I'd appreciate if you give me more details about that.
If the hard drive is not seen in My Computer, you can reboot your machine while the disk is plugged in and enter the BIOS menu to see if the system can recognize at a physical level. Can you hear the hard drive spinning while connected or everything is calm and does not feel any vibration when you touch the case? If so, the disk must be brought to a data recovery company in order to help you extracting the information.

Please, share what happened.
ravikiran- Nov 30, 2016 at 11:13 AM
I have connected to other laptop even it is not showing.when it is connected to laptop I'm getting some sound also.
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Hi again,

I am very sorry to hear that! What kind of model of an external WD drive do you have? Is your device still under warranty?
If it is, my suggestion is to bring it to the store where you bought it from, but if it is not, please click on this link to get additional help from our colleagues in the WD support centre:

I keep my fingers crossed.
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