Computer restarts

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I'm just gomna copy the mail i sent to the software producers, the problems are listed there.

ADWCleaner deleted registry files

William Gjelsten
Sun 4/30/2017 1:06 PM
I got a malware calle initialpage123, i tried removing it, but nothing worked. So i ended up downloading your product ADWCleaner, i ran a scan, and i didn't check what was found as a "threat", so i just pressed made it delete the "threatening" files. Shortly after i checked what files it had deleted. It was some files from REGEDIT. My headphone started making popping sounds, as if the audio files were deleted.

It then said i needed a restart, so it restarted itself, when i got to the user login screen, i wrote my password, and pressed enter, and the white box goes blank for a millisecond and goes back to white, and the blinking line infront of the text goes to the back of the text (the blinking line that shows where you're typing). I try to press the enter button on the screen instead, but does nothing either.

My pc can't connect to the internet either, and when i click the power button in the login screen, it shows a blank grey box with no option for restart, sleep or power. My pc then restarts itself again, and again, and again every minute or so. And i can't enter safe mode in any way, i looked up 3 different ways to do it, neither have worked. It's as if my computer doesn't know what to do after i login. Nothing happens.

I have a tower, not laptop by the way.
I use Windows 10.

I forgot to mention, i've tried accessing the boot options menu in 3 different ways, but i think it's broken aswell. It only starts windows defender offline, and when that scan is finished it continues with the same bs.
And yeah, it constantly restarts.
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adwcleaner was not the only tool to remove initialpage123 which is a simple browser hijacker with a rogue trojan horse. You needed a combination of tools and steps.

The perfect method is described here:

Did you use rkill ?

adwcleaner is totally safe and it will not remove anything that would make your computer restart.

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Hey, after i ran ADWCleaner, i pressed "clean" i checked the files it was deleting, 5 of them were register files. It then asked for a restart, before i could even decide, it just shut down. I don't know if ADWCleaner was hijacked in a way, or if it simply messed up. Either way, ADWCleaner was the cause. I got my pc fixed now though, i used another W10 computer and made a recovery disc.

I ran probably over 10+ different AV softwares(Malwarebytes, rkill, Zemana, Hitman.Pro, Windows Defender ect) neither of them removed "initialpage123" completely, i ran them in the right order, but it kept coming back. I then ran SpyHunter, it found "initalpage123", but i needed premium for 30$. So i decided i'll do it the manual way. I cleaned all my browsers, which didn't work, and decided i'll just search "initialpage123" in my windows search bar, it found some "prefabs" scripts, i opened them with monodevelop, pressed "shift + f" wrote "initialpage123" and i found out the script was hijacked, because the "default search engine" script line set "initialpage123" as it's standard, so i deleted all traces of "initialpage123", and that fixed mozilla. I did the same for the "prefabs" script for IE. But Chrome still had it coming back. So i deleted all my Chrome files, and reinstalled Chrome, and voila.

Everything is how it should now :)
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This might be happening because Windows 10 Os already comes with an inbuilt Windows Defender, an inbuilt antivirus software provided with your installation of Windows by Microsoft to give basic protection to your PC.

As you told you already have ADWCleaner. It is bad idea to use multiple antivirus software. This is said by the official Kaspersky blog here

So you should disable Windows Defender if you are using ADWCleaner.

You can take help from this link to disable Windows Defender.

Once you are done with this let me know if you are still facing issues of computer restart.

Thanks & Regards,
MJ Haider
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For your information adwcleaner is not an antivirus, it has not search engine, it's just a tool.
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I am sorry, I thought Adwcleaner is an antimalware tool. Adwcleaner is an adware. Thanks for clearing this out to me.
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