When I turn my pc off it restarts...

catgon - Nov 2, 2008 at 08:37 AM
 wisdomshot - Nov 30, 2017 at 01:54 PM

I've been having this problem with my pc for months.
Evreytime I turn it off it turns back on, so I've never been able to keep it turned off.
The only thing I've managed to do is to press the start button for a few seconds to turn it off. But when after a while I turn it on, it won't do it. So I have to keep on pressing the start button to turn it off and on until it "wants" to work fine.

Anybody out there who can help me? I'd really appreaciate it!

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3rd Attempt (Success!!)

Problem recognized: Wake on LAN

Right click "My Computer"
Select "Properties"
Go to "Hardware Device"
Click "Device Manager"
Select "Network Adapters"
Select "Marvell Yukon .....PCI-Fast Ethernet Controller--> right click ---properties--->power management-->deselect "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"--->Go to "Advanced" tab--->put value off for "Wake from shut down" --->value none for "Wake up capabilities"
press OK

If this doesn't work then check your BIOS

Restart ---> press F2---> go to "Main" tab --->Network boot [Disable] --- Save
I have the same problem. When I shut down, it immediately reopens. I have to switch off the power.

I do have an 'update' to install, which will not install. When I shut-down whether I do so to allow the undated or not I get the same problem.

I have checked the power , bios etc and cannot see anything which may accpunt for the problem.

A friend of mine who had the same problem says it is because the opening procedure does not complete thus it re runs.

I have a genuine copy of XP but when it was installed several years ago, I was not supplied with a disc thus I cannot wipe the HD and start again,

Any ideas please.

It seems that it solved mine!