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Fitness Training Manual

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Fitness Training Manual
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Want to keep yourself in good shape ? Try Fitness Training Manual. It is a complete manual helpin you to monitor your physical training program.

Key Features

  • Programs: Fitness Training Manual is an electronic handbook for trainers and aerobics customers. This application includes several programs that are nutrition, supplements, aerobic training, weight training, targeting goals, progress forms, client forms, performance charts, injury prevention and Safety program.
  • Information: the program provides lots of information about nutritional intake. This will help you check foods that are convenient to your sport. Daily caloric needs per individual are given in a reference chart.
  • Available sport: Fitness Training Manual provides the user with different kinds of sport but especially indoor sport. Sports include Aerobics, fitness, and aqua fitness. Hence, no longer need to pay for a trainer, you can do it yourself just by following instructions.


Alternative spelling: AERO-8.7.pdf, AERO.pdf
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