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As learning music needs time and money, Piano Chords is designed to initiate or improve musical knowledge.

Key features:

  • Musical vocabulary : due to the chords invertation that the users can make, new musical vocabularies acquisition becomes fast and simple. Also, the software is multilingual that makes translation possible for better understanding.
  • Interface : the software has an easy and simple to use interface with colorful display which makes the learning easy to grasp. Besides, users can choose through the computer screen which key tone to use, what scale and chords are suitable for one song.
  • Educational use : while using this software, users can set the schedule at their rhythm with no rush nor time constraints. So, assimilation and progress can be expected without stress. Users can be a self-taught and should not wait for someone else to start the session.
  • Other options : Piano Chords does automatic updating for and does not require other supplementary conditions. In case users encounter problems with the software, there is a help in the software menu but if the problem persists, online assistance is available.


  • A freeware that saves time and money for learning piano.


Alternative spelling: Klavierakkorde_1.0.1.exe
Latest update on September 20, 2012 at 01:14 AM.
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it is a very good program, good for learning chords.
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