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Teracopy can accelerate the speed of copying large files either on local disks or between a PC and removable media to save time.

Key Features

  • Copy: TeraCopy copies and moves large files between computers. It supports many file formats regardless of their size. It uses asynchronous transfer mode or ATM to expedite the process.
  • Management: The user is able to control the transfer from the available options like putting the copy on pause and resume it later. It also offers the option to retry the transfer error.
  • Report: TeraCopy details each copy at the end of each treatment error. Simultaneously, it performs the calculation of the CRC value of the file that represents the rate of detected errors.
  • Shortcut: The advantage of using this program is that it is possible to directly integrate with Windows Explorer. Following this, he is allowed to start directly copying or moving a large file selected from the shortcut menu.

Other Systems

TeraCopy is also available for Mac computers.

Alternative spelling: teracopy-3.5.exe, teracopy.exe
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