Even if your computer is already protected against antivirus, installing software like Trojan Remover cannot but enhance the security. Trojan Remover, as its name suggests is a program to detect and remove malicious software such as Trojan horse. It supports customization and has a database of regularly updated.

Key Features

  • Supported program: Trojan Remover is able to identify different types of malware including Trojans, adware, keyloggers, etc. Handier than standard antivirus, the software disables or removes these harmful programs without having to manually edit system files or registry.
  • Scan depth: Trojan Remover scans all the vulnerable places on your system (file systems, the registry, start programs, etc.) that may be infected by these malicious programs. The application detects at the same time, pre-loaded and invisible services hidden by rootkit techniques.
  • Notification: for each trojan, keylogger or other malware detected, Trojan Remover will display a pop-up alert to the user. Through this window, you can directly delete or rename this file to disable it.
  • Customizable: Trojan Remover is set by default to scan the system at startup of Windows that does not prevent you from manually start the operation. Moreover, it is also possible to customize the scan (only for some files, folders or drives.).
  • Database: Trojan Remover also has its database regularly updated. It can be customized according to the desired interval. Finally, this software is also integrated with Windows Explorer so that you can scan a file or folder via right-clicking your mouse.


  • The software is rapid and easy to use.
  • Can be installed on many operating systems.


  • It is a shareware version. It expires after 30 days of use.


Alternative spelling: trjsetup695.exe
Latest update on July 31, 2019 at 08:55 AM.


I honestly didn't expect this to work, but I was at my wits end. Great product!

Main Points Easy to use, fast scanning of system, easy removal of threats. I had a program modify my DNS settings so I couldn't access certain sites and Trojan Remover detected this and set it right.
Weak Infos Maybe make the interface a little more pleasing to the eye but all in all, a good, solid package.
Registration date
Monday April 28, 2008
Last seen
July 19, 2012

Main Points Easy to use and fast scan.
Weak Infos Only 30 days of test.