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  • Developer Zbshareware Lab
  • Version 6.9
  • License Freeware
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USB Disk Security is a secure, reliable, and offline antivirus program that uses proactive detection techniques to detect vulnerabilities and catch threats hiding in your USB drives. Simple to use and compatible with other security solutions, it offers another layer of protection while providing excellent performance.

What is USB Disk Security?

USB Disk Security is an antivirus program developed by Zbshareware Lab which provides non-standard static offline protection to block threats that can damage your PC or compromise your personal information via USB storage.

What are the key features of USB Disk Security?

  • Offline protection: USB Disk Security uses offline high-end proactive detection techniques to detect vulnerabilities and catch threats. Therefore, it differs from other antivirus programs that use signature-based techniques and need to be connected to the internet to update their local database constantly, leaving vulnerability windows open as long as they are not updated.
  • Protect your data: USB Disk Security protects against data theft or accidental disclosure. It's pretty easy to prevent intruders from copying your data to USB drives and stop other threats from USB drives.
  • Supported devices: USB Disk Security supports all USB-related devices you may use, including USB drives, flash disks, secure digital cards, thumb drives, pen drives, removable storage, iPods, and more.
  • Easy to use: It is designed to be used by anyone, tech-savvy or not. In addition, the user interface is explicit, so you can easily review scans, consult threats in quarantine, and more.
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  • Compatible: It is fully compatible with other security solutions. That's a big plus as, most of the time, standalone antivirus may cause issues with other security software, creating false alerts or blocking them.
  • Get notified: You will get an instant notification whenever it detects a potential security threat to your computer. Then, it will assist you in finding the files that are linked to the danger and safely remove them.
  • Fast and light: You won't need to trade speed for protection. In fact, you will get both as it has been designed to use as few resources as possible while providing fast and high-end protection.
  • Schedule and automate: You can schedule it to start as soon as your computer boots up for instant scanning and protection.

How to use USB Disk Security?

  1. Once installed, it will automatically register itself to the auto start list to load up every time your computer boots.
  2. Besides, it runs automatically, meaning it will scan any USB device every time you connect it to your computer.

Is USB Disk Security free?

USB Disk Security is free to use as it is ad-based.

Is USB Disk Security safe?

Yes, USB Disk Security is considered safe to use.

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