USB Defender free for PC

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  • Developer MBentefor
  • Version 1.2
  • License Freeware
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The need to transfer information all day long compels us to use USB key. Although, they are also the main causes of the system being contaminated with viruses and malware. USB Defender is a tool for Windows allowing you to protect your USB.

Disclaimer: it seems that the publisher's website is closed and that the software is no longer supported. Thus, even though the version linked to this page is the latest to exist, it may no longer work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages.

What are the key features of USB Defender?

  • Blocks the autorun.inf file: autorun can launch some programs when you insert a storage device. But this process of Microsoft Windows is very dangerous because it allows you to execute malware when connecting the USB to the computer.
  • Protect and Unprotect at your convenience.

Is it free?

You can download and use this product for free.

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