SRS HD Audio Lab

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SRS HD Audio Lab
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Disclaimer: in 2012 DTS, Inc. acquired SRS Labs, Inc., thus the version linked to this page is the last version of the product.

SRS HD Audio Lab is a utility designed by SRS Labs in order to improve the sound of your audio files. This is a complete laboratory for processing sound in which the sound of your music, movies, and games will be set automatically without your intervention. After treatment, you can enjoy the improvements on the TruSurround HD, Circle Surround Headphone, CircleSurround II and WOW HD. SRS HD Audio Lab uses cutting edge technology and offers an intuitive interface where you can see great equalizers when playing an audio file. In short, if you have exceptional audio quality, this tool is for you.

Is It Free?

This is a free trial version of the product. Because the publisher has been absorbed into a parent company, the full version may not be available for purchase.

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