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SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is a program specially designed for audio cleaning and restoration. It allows you to record and digitize old vinyl or cassettes, repair eroded audio, and improve sound quality with a group of high-tech tools for exceptional results.

What is SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab?

Usually, when transferring audio from tapes, vinyl, or cassettes (through digitization), you end up with undesirable noises and deteriorated sound quality. Fortunately, SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab offers precision and professional quality tools to restore, repair and improve the sound quality of audio files. Distributed by the German company MAGIX, the fourth generation of Audio Cleaning Lab features updated workflows and modern effect presets but also includes powerful cleaning and mastering plug-ins from iZotope.

What are the key features of SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab?

  • What's new: In this version, you will find new features, such as (non-exhaustive list) the new modernEQ equalizer, the Loudness visualization tool (adjust volume and dynamics according to current media standards and international platforms), the new Plug-in browser tool (streamlines the working dynamics), an optimized audio engine (significantly reduces recording latency), the Steinberg SpectraLayers Elements 8 (spectral editor), and the Izotope RX 8 Elements (noise remover and restorer).
  • Digitization: Digitization allows you to make analog information digital. Hence, you can transfer while preserving quality (up to 96 kHz/24-bit resolution) any individual tracks or entire albums from vinyl, cassettes, or other audio media as digital audio to your PC. It is also possible to import audio from videos or CDs, record vocals for podcasts, and then edit these files individually. Once your digitization and restoration work is complete, you can export the files in any standard format, such as MP3, WAV, OGG, and FLAC.
© SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab
  • Visualization: This is the first step when restoring digital audio. The spectral visualization will show you a clear and colorful representation of the different frequencies composing the audio file. In this way, undesirable noises can be easily identified and removed.
  • Cleaning: The Auto Cleaning function runs a file analysis and provides different cleaning suggestions. The cleaning settings can also be configured manually to suit your preference.
© SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab
  • Mastering: This is the final stage, where you balance the different elements and optimize playback across all systems. To ensure you have everything you need, it features a mastering pack of exceptional quality, including a 6-band equalizer, stereo effects module, compressor, and limiter. In addition, SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab offers top-quality plug-ins such as iZotope's Ozone Elements 9 and the wizardFX Suite.
  • Effects and plug-ins: This software provides an exciting group of effects. Let's start with the essentialFX collection, which includes eFX Reverb, eFX Gate, eFX Vocal Strip, eFX Tube Stage, eFX Chorus Flanger, and eFX DeEsser. The program also offers VST3 compatibility, allowing you to install plug-ins from third-party developers, which is highly recommended if you want to discover and experiment.
  • Easy to master: It comes with program wizards and presets to help you get the most out of it. Also, the Infobox will show handy tips for all features so that you can quickly get the answers you need. One last thing, through the search box, you can instantly find all the tools, effects, project templates, or help articles you are looking for.

How to use SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab?

Developers did take care of providing valuable learning resources you can find on the official website so that you can smoothly learn all the different features and possibilities of SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab.

Is it free?

We provide you with the 30-day demo version you can try for free. If you want to keep using it afterward, you can purchase one of the available licenses.

What are the system requirements for SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab?

  • Operating system: Windows 11 or 10 (64 and 32 bits).
  • Processor: 1 GHz.
  • Memory: 2 GB.
  • Graphics: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 768.
  • Storage: 1 GB minimum for program installation.
  • Sound card: Onboard.
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