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JPEG Optimizer is a program for compressing many photos without changing the quality of the output. It allows the user to save space disk and to upload image files quickly.

Key Features

JPEG Optimizer includes the MagiCompress TM technique which enables users to enhance the quality of the image. This way, the file can be compressed more than fifty percent. Another advantage of this tool is its ability to compress up to 100 photos at the same time. This batch process is saving a lot of time. JPEG Optimizer is essential for image uploading on the Internet. Apart from that, it also consumes less bandwidth resource which greatly facilitates image sharing on the Internet. As its name indicates, JPEG Optimizer only works with JPEG file format. It is worth to note that this format is one of the most used in multimedia world. This program displays in real time the result of all modifications made to the image and the settings. Users can make change and view them every step of the way.


This opus is simple, fast-running and powerful.


This is a shareware version.


Alternative spelling: jpopt3_3.15.exe
Latest update on September 10, 2019 at 11:39 AM.
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thank u

try online tools like for high compression ratio of jpeg files
Any other digital media can be also compressed using this site. Like compress pdf using or compress video using
Just as I want,,,,, It optimizes approx. 75% without sacrificing any image quality..
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