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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English
MassTube is gathering several options for grabbing video files from YouTube. The output can be converted to other formats so that it can be read by most popular players.

Key Features

  • Fast download: this program is both a downloader and a manager. The user will need to surf the Internet on YouTube page and then, copy/paste the URL of the video to MassTube's interface. The speed will greatly depend on the Internet connection.
  • Display: the whole process is showed up on the interface of MassTube. On it, the user can have the file format of the video, the output format as well as the download progress in percentage. It is possible to perform other tasks while the transfer is on.
  • Conversion: right before the downloading, the user is free to select the file format in which the video will be saved. Among supported files, we can cite MP4, M4A (audio-only) and in 3GP so that it can be played on mobile devices and tablets.


  • MassTube supports two download engines.
  • This downloader supports Full HD 1080p, Quad HD 1440p as well as other resolutions.


  • Nothing special to report.


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