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  • Developer Convivea
  • Version 3.5 build 50
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Bit Che is a tool that helps to search for Bit torrent websites. It provides various tools for looking for torrents and managing them.

What are the key features of Bit Che?

  • Searching: Bit Che is provided with a powerful search engine. The user has just to insert a keyword about what he is looking for and the program displays all results on its main interface within a few seconds.
  • Previewing: among the advantages Bit Che offers, is the fact that it allows previewing the torrent details before starting the download process. Thanks to this feature, the user ensures that he is dealing with the right element before continuing forward.
  • Removing duplicates: this software also includes a built-in filtering utility which function is to detect potential duplicate torrents found across different websites. When it encounters such duplicates, it automatically removes the redundancy, guaranteeing that each displayed torrent is unique.
  • Supported languages: Bit Che is available in 35 languages including French, English, Italian, Chinese and many more.

Is it free?

Yes, the software is free, however, if you like it, you can make a donation to thank its developers.

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