With already 100 million of users, TeamViewer can directly share your computer with anyone in the world. This software is attracting more and more users.

Key Features

This software is the best solution in terms of administration. Indeed, it allows you to control computers remotely via the internet (mouse, keyboard, etc.) as if you were just by it. It also allows you to record all your customer data and connections in a database. A report (start time and end time) will be sent to all connections with remote control. TeamViewer promises a maximum security of data transferred through completely secure data channels with coding AES 256-bit session key exchange and RSA 1024 bits. At each login, the software will automatically ask for a password. Remote operations performed on your computer will also be visible. Among other things, the software allows you to take control of the task manager, shutdown or restart the machine. TeamViewer can also view information systems and networks since it has access to all devices and hard disk. File exchange is also possible.


The software is very convenient for professional exchanges. Opportunity to transfer file. Free host installation. The highest security standards.

Other Systems

TeamViewer is also available on Portable.


Alternative spelling: Team Viewer, TeamViewer_Setup-14.4.2669.exe, TeamViewer_Setup.exe
Latest update on August 10, 2019 at 02:05 PM.


well its good
this is very smart technology
This is also good.
Works well, doesn't require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN. http://www.ammyy.com/en/solutions.html