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HotSchedules for Android

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HotSchedules for Android
Android - English
Developed and published by HotSchedules.COM Inc, HotSchedules is an employee scheduling app. This version is entirely revamped with new improvements. The aim is to manage workers and their tasks in a company. It is possible to send messages and sync programs. Both team members and employers can use this app.

Key Features

  • Schedule management: with HotSchedules, the user can timetable almost everything about their works. In fact, the app can manage the employer and employee's programs such as customer care, reports and shift work.
  • Notification and reminder: for the manager, it is possible to schedule all employees' tasks via this app. He can view the roster as well as the worker's contact information. That way, reminding and notifying an employee about a meeting or a task to be fulfilled. This can be done via a message.
  • Team members: HotSchedules enables to view work schedule at any time. Sending messages to each other in the network is utterly feasible. It is possible to synchronize HotSchedules's database with the users' calendar.
  • Messaging option: both the manager and the employee can exchange messages to each other. HotSchedules also enables to send email to remind the employee of a work to finish at a given deadline. The historic of these messages can be viewed at any time.


  • HotSchedules is a helpful application.
  • It is used by more than 18, 000 companies around the world.
  • Google Analytics and Crashlytics have been introduced to this version.


  • This application is only available in English.


Latest update on November 1, 2016 at 12:03 PM.
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