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Bitmoji is a graphics and social media application that allows you to create custom emoji, such as an avatar of yourself, called a Bitmoji. You can then use your Bitmoji to create photos and videos within the application to share with friends.

There are two modes: Bitmoji and Bitstips. Bitmoji allows you to create cartoon-like emoji and Bitstips allows users to create comic-like pictures using your Bitmoji. You can also include in your creations your friends who are using Bitmoji.

Bitmoji is compatible with other applications, such as Snapchat and Facebook, where you can use your avatar as stickers or inserts with other social media activity, such as status updates and photo sharing.

This application is free, but in-app purchases are available.


Latest update on September 15, 2017 at 01:26 PM.
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