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A good instant messaging alternative to bring old memories back! The notification sounds and spirit are the same as back in the 90's but in a new and renovated platform

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Wednesday October 14, 2020
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October 13, 2021

ICQ is a messaging app that proposes: free voice and video calls, fun stickers and free text messages. Stay in touch with your friends and keep up with the latest news happening around you. Share your most special moments and exchange ideas in chats and channels. ICQ new is the instant messaging application that connects you to the new world while bringing back memories of AOL ICQ Messenger.

Main Features

Calling your friends is easy, make free video calls via ICQ anytime and anywhere to your friends and family - from opposite sides of the city or world - just one video call on ICQ and you're together again. Cross any border with free video calls on ICQ, which allows you to make video and voice calls with up to 30 people simultaneously.

Share your phone number and make a free call on ICQ mobile and talk all you want without worrying about rates. Free international calls to other ICQ users in any country - that's freedom of internet connection.

Send free messages from your cell phone - install ICQ on your device and send messages to your friends as if you were sending free SMS. Use the free and unlimited messages on ICQ to keep in touch.

Join chat rooms, large groups and share ideas like in any other social network.The chat can get better with stickers and smileys. Express yourself and cheer up your friends with adorable and fun exclusive ICQ stickers and smileys.

Photo and video messages to share your most special moments with friends all for free by ICQ. To send photo and video messages there are no charge fees like MMS, and ICQ new mobile and an unlimited data plan is all you need to stay connected!

Install the new ICQ on your mobile and invite your friends. Use video chat and unlimited free calls, send free photo and video messages, and chat with stickers and smileys. ICQ users can connect for free, from any device and in any country. ICQ is available for all mobile platforms and desktop computers.


Other Systems

ICQ New is also available on Windows.
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