WAMR free for Android APK

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  • Developer drilens
  • Version 0.11.1
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

WAMR is a pretty handy app that will help you automatically save all the messages and media content you receive. Never lose anything, and even consult messages people deleted.

What is WAMR?

WAMR is a utility application that assists you in not losing your instant messaging conversations by creating a folder where it stores them. Although it may seem a little bit intrusive, WAMR stores the data in an encrypted format only you can access.

What are the key features of WAMR?

  • Interface: It features a simple but efficient interface you will learn to use in minutes and get the most out of it.
  • Secure: WAMR stores the collected data in an encrypted folder so that only you can get access to the data that were saved.
  • Automatic: WAMR uses your messaging app notifications to collect and store all your messages and media, such as audios, videos, photos, and files. That way, you will never lose any trace of your conversations, even if the sender deletes them from the main app. Note that you must enable notifications and automatic media download if you want WAMR to save media.
  • Compatible: WAMR is compatible with the most used messaging apps worldwide, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, and more. It is not a hacked version as it works independently from these apps, you just need to specify which apps you want to monitor and WAMR will do the job.
  • Handy: Sometimes, it is convenient for people to erase messages they sent you before you can read them. With WAMR, you will be notified whenever a message is deleted by the sender and be able to consult it instantly.
  • Backup: You can make a backup of all your conversations, which will be saved in the WAMR app to have a backup of this data.

How to use WAMR?

  • Once WAMR is launched, you will need to grant permissions to your device notifications.
  • You can select all the apps you want to monitor among the list and validate.
  • Finally, you can consult all the notifications WAMR collected and stored and easily view them later.

Is it free?

Yes, WAMR is 100% free but also contains in-app purchases.

Is it safe?

The security is relative as it needs to access all your notifications. The history of these messages will be stored in the WAMR app, and your conversations will no longer be as private as if they stayed in your messaging apps, but the data are stored in an encrypted format only you can access.