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Minecraft is a sandbox video game and is also the best-selling game of all the time (as of 2020, there are 200 million copies sold). The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson who later created Mojang, the current developer of Minecraft. One of the main reasons behind the game’s success is the possibility to customize their world completely. This is the Minecraft download for Mac and we discuss some of Minecraft’s key features, as well as some additional information.

Key Features

Here are some of the main features of Minecraft (Mac):

  • Cross-Platform: What is great about Minecraft (for Java) is that it is cross-platform. This feature is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Modes: Minecraft is all about being free to play as one wants. This is why there are 5 different modes with different goals and difficulty levels: Survival Mode, Hardcore Mode, Creative Mode, Adventure Mode, and Spectator Mode.

  • Multiplayer: Minecraft allows users to share their experience through a multiplayer mode that enables them to communicate with each other. This is possible through direct game-to-game multiplayer, LAN play, and servers. Servers can be hosted either by players or can be business-hosted.

  • Mods: Minecraft mods are available thanks to a change in the source code typically made by people with computing knowledge. Those mods allow users to personalize their gaming experience and help the game reinvent itself.

  • Gameplay: As mentioned above, Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no specific way of playing - this is up to players, meaning they can even choose between first-person and third-person perspective. 3D blocks represent various materials that are used to craft. The world of Minecraft is procedurally generated and is infinite.

How to Download Minecraft on Mac

For the Minecraft Mac download, click on the green button on the top of the page. Since December 1, 2021, those who want to purchase and play Minecraft need a Microsoft account which is free to create

How To Install Minecraft Mods?

Different mods are not available on console and installing them may seem confusing. If you want to know how to download Minecraft mods on Mac, we recommend checking our dedicated article on the topic. If you are in a search for inspiration, you can also look at our selection of best Minecraft mods.

Is Minecraft Safe?

It seems that Minecraft has no history of security issues. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy before installing.

When it comes to safety, you should keep in mind that the game contains the same risks as any other multiplayer game.

Is Minecraft Free on Mac?

This game is not free. You can purchase it (one-time purchase) for $26.95 USD.

System Requirements

This version is compatible with any 64-bit OS X using 10.9 Maverick or later.

You can also download Minecraft for Windows. You can also find:

Images: Minecraft Official/Microsoft

Other Systems

Minecraft for Mac is also available on Windows.
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