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Minecraft Dungeons is a point-and-click, hack and slash-styled dungeon crawler video game where you will explore many procedurally generated dungeons, alone or with your friends, while you try to defeat the villains. Join this epic adventure and discover the many weapons, armors and enchantments that will help you take down all the evil creatures that dare to stand between you and your destiny.


Archie is an Illager who was driven away by his people. While he wandered around the world, he found a powerful artifact known as the Orb of Dominance, which granted him powers but drove him mad, corrupted and full of anger against the world that rejected him. Now known as the Arch-Illager, he seeks vengeance and subjugates many villages with his army of monsters. Many heroes have tried to take him down unsuccessfully, but you're built differently. So embark on a quest to defeat the Arch-Illager while liberating villages and restoring the peace in this world.


  • Find your inner hero: There is no such thing as character classes in Minecraft Dungeons. Thus, you can play any character you want and access all the weapons, armors, artifacts and other kinds of content. Still, you can customize your characters with cosmetics like capes or pets.
  • Explore dungeons: Throughout your missions, you will explore all kinds of dungeons inhabited by evil and dangerous monsters you will have to take down during procedurally generated missions. As a result, each game will be unique and challenge your skills differently, so it offers great replayability. And the cherry on top: there are many available DLCs that provide new challenges and dungeons.
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  • Mobs and bosses: You will encounter different kinds of creatures during your journey, some may be passive or neutral, but others will be aggressive and try to kill you at first glance. There are several categories of aggressive mobs, including regular mobs, enchanted mobs, powerful mobs and bosses. Taking them down will give you experience, and they may drop items.
  • Weapons: There are two types of weapons: melee and ranged. No matter the type, each weapon has a given rarity level, power, speed and area stats that determine how much damage it deals, how fast you can use it and how far it reaches entities. In addition, depending on the weapon, it may have special enchantments and runes that will affect its stats and effects. Also, the higher the power level, the better the stats.
  • Melee weapons: There are over 80 different melee weapons categorized in various types that are used to damage nearby entities, including Anchors, Axes, Backstabbers, Battlestaffes, Boneclubs, Borken Sawblades, Claymores, Coral Blades, Cutlasses, Daggers, Double Axes, Gauntlets, Glaives, Great Hammers, Katanas, Maces, Obsidian Claymores, Pickaxes, Rapiers, Sicklesses, Soul Knives, Soul Scythes, Spears, Swords, Tempest Knifes, Void Touched Blades and Whips.
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  • Ranged weapons: There are also over 60 different ranged weapons you can use to damage distant entities, including (lots of bows incoming) Bows, Bubbles Bows, Burst Crossbows, Cog Crossbows, Crossbows, Dual Crossbows, Exploding Crossbows, Harpon Crossbows, Heavy Crossbows, Hunting Bows, Longbows, Power Bows, Rapid Crossbows, Scatter Crossbows, Shadow Crossbows, Snow Bows, Soul Bows, Soul Crossbows, Trickbows, Twisting Vine Bows, Void Bows and Wind Bows.
  • Armors: Armors are equipable items that increase your health but also apply additional properties and effects to your character. There are over 60 available armors, each with a rarity level and the possibility to accept soul enchantments or not. Note that, like weapons, the higher the power level, the better the stats.
  • Artifacts: Artifacts are items you can equip to temporarily summon pets, enhance or heal yourself or other heroes, or attack and weaken mobs. Hence, several artifacts are available, including Damaging, Status-Inflicting, Quivers and Arrow, Summoning, Agility, Defensive, Healing and Cooperative artifacts. They can be obtained from merchants or during missions.
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Graphics and sound

Minecraft Dungeons features the famous 3D pixel-art graphics from Minecraft and a top-down camera perspective. In addition, the well-designed interface has been built so that you never miss any piece of information, and all the visual and audio feedback is pretty polished and strengthens the immersiveness of the experience. So, even though the game has not been developed to offer realistic graphics, the overall experience is quite good.

Duration and game modes

Minecraft Dungeons offers a solo or multiplayer experience (up to 4 local or online players). The first difficulty level will take you about 5 hours to complete. But, if you want to discover all that the game has to offer, finish all the difficulty levels, and challenge your skills, it will take you about 25 hours or more.

Three sequential difficulty modes are available and affect the game's challenges: Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse. The higher the difficulty level, the harder to take down the mobs. They are more numerous, and enchanted versions of mobs occur more often. Of course, as the difficulty increases, you will be able to collect more powerful equipment throughout the dungeons.

You can also select a Threat level from I to VII for each difficulty level and mission. As for the difficulty level, the higher the threat level, the higher the minimum and maximum power of weapons, armors and artifacts can drop, and the more complicated the challenges. It may be a tiny detail, but the threat level gives a more progressive way to advance through the game.

What do the reviews say?

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Minecraft Dungeons has been rated 70/100 on Metacritic.

"Minecraft has proven itself to be quite the enduring and endearing IP over the past decade, and Dungeons is now partially responsible for that legacy." (Destructoid)

Age rating


Minecraft Dungeons has been rated PEGI 7.

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