Communication is such a valuable issue in human being life. That is why several programs, especially meant for that, have been developed over the last ten years. Among those are QQ, a simple to use and entirely free program.

Key features

  • Instant messaging: QQ is a kind of instant messaging program. It allows users to communicate with other QQ members anywhere in the world. It also enables to send messages even if your discussion partner is off-line.
  • Voice features: apart from sending text message, QQ also provides the ability to talk in real-time with a contact. It is possible due to the VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol included within the program to transform your PC into a phone and allows you to make long-distance call.
  • Conversation history: when you log out from your account, the software backup all conversations (text messaging) with each contact. Thus, you can remember what you have been talking about with them last time.
  • Registration: QQ is simple to use. All it takes is to register to be a QQ’s community member, entering all the required information, choose an account name, and set the password and add contact. As you can see, anyone can use QQ.


  • It is entirely free.


  • Nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: qq.exe
Latest update on December 21, 2012 at 05:54 AM.


it took me long until now to download the qq but I have already my ID number & ID protection my concern now is how I will be able to download the qq icom on my laptop for quick access for private chat and text messenger help
thank you for every thing ........I hope to be a good friend
where r u may cant fouund u
thanks its very nice
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