Driver Canon mp160

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Driver Canon mp160
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
Driver Canon MP160 is a driver for printers Canon MP160. It offers the possibility to properly use the machine and take advantage of all its features.

Key features

Compatibility: the installation of Driver Canon MP160 enable the user to access the entire functionalities of the printer. Indeed, the software will display all possible functions that can be performed with the machine. Performance enhancement: with this driver, the user is able to print photos in different resolutions. He can adjust the printer's settings to adapt to the image's quality. For instance, it provides high quality for photo paper, or low quality for draft. Versatility: Driver Canon MP160 allows adapting the computer's USB port to recognize the scanner USB. In addition to that, it allows the printer to take in charge different types of paper such as transparent films, normal paper and photo paper.


After the installation, an icon will represent the printer in the desktop and menu bar for quick access. Downloading Driver Canon MP160 is completely free of charge.


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Alternative spelling: mp160win64111ea23.exe
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