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BeReal is a simple yet groundbreaking social media app where you can share once a day, always at a different time, a photo and a selfie of your life with your friends or the world. But BeReal wants you to be authentic, so there are no filters, only your true self. You'll see, that's a really funny and genuine experience.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a French social media app originally developed by Alexis Barreytat and Kévin Perreau and initially released in 2020. Still, it gained popularity rapidly in early and mid-2022. The original idea behind this app is quite simple: daily notifications to encourage users to share a real photo of themselves, no fakes, no filters.

What are the key features of BeReal?

  • Be authentic: Every day at a different time, the app notifies you that you have two minutes to share a photo. Both your front and back cameras will be enabled to let you post a selfie and a photo simultaneously without any filter. This is a great way to share authentic content with people.
  • Discover: You can either share your BeReal with your friends and then see what they posted, or you can share it publicly. Note that you only have two attempts to post your BeReal, and you can see when people published their photos and also your friends' BeReal locations.
  • Challenges: You will be amazed to know that some days BeReal comes with a unique challenge, but we can't tell you more, as this is always quite amazing to discover for the first time.
  • Chat and react: You can comment on your friends' BeReal and chat with all their friends. In addition, you can react to your friends' posts with RealMoji, an emoji representation of your own face.
  • Memories: You'll still have access to all your previous BeReal in an archive so that you can remember all the snapshots of your life you took.
  • Healthy by design: The app designers are 100% clear with the users, the app has not been created to make you an influencer, and it can frustrate you as you have to be honest with what you post. Still, even though other popular social media copied BeReal's core feature, this is the only environment that combines simplicity and authenticity.
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How to use BeReal?

  1. Once downloaded and installed, start creating your account using your phone number, really simple.
  2. Add friends from your contacts.
  3. At this point, you can start taking your first BeReal. Start with the photo, then the selfie.
  4. Select if you want to send it to your friends or everyone.
  5. Start discovering the BeReals of all the people around you.

How to install BeReal on your PC?

We provide you with both the BeReal APK file and the BlueStacks emulator that will allow you to run the application on your PC:

  1. Download and unzip the file containing both the BeReal APK and the BlueStacks emulator files.
  2. Follow the installation instructions you will find in the application file.

Is it free?

Yes, it is 100% free to use.

Is it safe?

BeReal is safe to use if you're careful about who you send photos to. By default, your photos are shown to your friends who have submitted their own BeReals, but you can also share your picture publicly (still only to those who shared a picture that day). You can also check the app privacy policy.

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