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Uber is an on-demand ride service created in San Francisco, California, in 2009 operating in more than 69 countries and has over 4 million Uber drivers. The instant ride service connects drivers with users under a free platform service with no need of an intermediary, simply connecting the user by settling a destination with a pickup location. The application also offers the possibility to share rides, share payments, and locations, select the type of vehicle the user wishes to ride, program pic

What are the key features of Uber?

  • Safety: Uber drivers go through an extensive background check in order to be accepted into the platform. Not only do drivers have to have a clean driving record but also a clear criminal record. There is also a formal job interview to guarantee a high-quality and safe ride for the users. The service is used both night and day, therefore the safety of the user is one of the top priorities of the enterprise, the user can check the plates, color, and picture of the driver before getting into the car in order to make sure they're being taken care of by the selected vehicle.
  • Availability: In most cases, uber drivers are available 24/7, this comes as a big advantage for people in need of a ride in off-hours. The user has the possibility to select a ride at late night hours, or set up a ride hours in advance. Book a trip to airports and the drivers take the destination beforehand, meaning that the user can select any destination without the driver being able to refuse it, this can give the user the satisfaction of arriving safe and fast to their destination.
  • Vehicle variety: Uber offers different types of vehicles for their users, this can vary according to price, comfort, and need. The UberX is a standard and one of the most used ones, they're usually common models and they can transport up to 4 passengers. The Uber XL is the bigger version of the UberX, it can fit up to 6 to 8 passengers depending on the model and it's usually available and convenient for bigger groups, a big advantage is that you can share the cost of the ride with the other passengers on the ride.
  • Uber Pool and Ride Sharing: Uber pool can be used by different uber subscribers simultaneously, if you're planning a route, the driver can pick up other users along the way making the ride not only more economical but also sometimes, more fun! The ride-sharing can be used to split the cost of the ride with your friends or colleagues when using the uber ride and also alert others when you hop on the ride so they can see your live location and make sure you arrive home safe and sound.
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How to set up Uber?

  • Download the application and set up your profile and choose your payment method.
  • Enable your location and select your destination.
  • Confirm your ride, check the plates and hop on!

Is it free?

The app is free to download and use, although you'll have to link your credit card to the app in order to be able to pay for your rides.

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