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The MapQuest app is an easy-to-use route planner especially designed to provide you with voice-guided navigation, current traffic situation, nearby restaurants, and other important infrastructure information.

What are the key features of MapQuest?

  • Navigation: One of the main functions of MapQuest trip planner is that it can help you to find the route with voice navigation, up-to-date satellite images and maps, real-time traffic situation, and updates along the way. With MapQuest route planner directions, you can find an optimized routing and save some time.
  • Points of interest: Discover new interesting sightseeing areas, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and other places on the map with MapQuest.
  • Speedometer and Mileage calculator: Take advantage of the built-in speedometer and mileage calculator and compare your speed to the limit and see how many miles you did.
  • Favorite: Use Favorites to save your usual locations, and access them as quickly as possible.
  • Customization: Set your preferences to avoid highways or tolls, for example.
  • Useful info: You can also use MapQuest to browse the nearby cafes' menus, compare gas prices, and even book a hotel room.

How does MapQuest work?

MapQuest creates the optimal route for you and suggests you different options. It is integrated with a live map where you can see the traffic situation and points of interest around you. It is easy to use, though if you encounter any problems, visit its official site.

Is MapQuest free?

MapQuest is free to download and use.

Is MapQuest safe?

MapQuest is a safe app, though we still recommend you to read its terms of use before downloading.

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