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Waze is a navigation app system application that provides real-time traffic data information to plan the perfect route to reach any location. The idea behind the software is to offer the user the best route to avoid traffic, incidents, tolls, and any other inconvenience that comes in the way while driving to the selected destination.

What is Waze?

This is one of the best navigation applications since it can provide your live directions to your location as well as audio directions. Waze allows users to connect to a community and share information with other drivers. This can allow you to receive push notifications from other "wazers" about accidents, checkpoints, and other warnings. The application is based on a map, so the community who created Waze ensures it's up-to-date. One special feature of this application is that it allows you to search nearby gas stations to find the lowest price, which is practical for saving time and money.

What are the key features of Waze?

  • Find the best route: Once decided on the destination you need to reach, simply mark the starting point and click go, the application will select the best route if while driving, the application detects an inconvenience that could affect your destination timing it will automatically change your route to guarantee to reach your destination on time.
  • Plan ahead and arrive on time: If you know where you're going and what time you need to be there, there's no need to do it at the moment of leaving, simply mark the route moments ahead so you can be prepared for the time you need to leave and make sure you'll be there on time.
  • Gas, Parkings, Food and more: Far from your destination, the application offers other categories to reach in case of need, if you have an emergency, places like hospitals, gas stations and pharmacies are at your disposal. Or perhaps, if you just need a little break they have lots of categories like a coffees, restaurants, cinemas, where offers are recommended by other wazers of the application.
  • Interact with other wazers: Although the application has its own operating system, other wazer, meaning users of the application can also provide information about the traffic to make it more efficient. You can interact with them, send messages, and not only, create points if you are an avid user of the application and even compete with them. Someone bothering you? Simply block them and report them to the waze customer service (which by the way, has a great response system)
  • Carpool, you drive or you ride!: Perhaps if you want to take care of the environment or want to save the drive in your car, with Waze, you get to choose between being the rider or taking the ride with the carpool option this can be done with friends or strangers. All users have to be part of the Waze application, to guarantee the safety of the users.
  • Listen to your favorite songs: Remember to avoid using your smartphone while driving, if you have a phone holder, you can set up your favorite tunes by pairing the application with your music applications like Spotify and sing along the way while you reach your destination.

How to use Waze?

  • Sign up and create your profile. You can register using your Google credentials or create a personal account directly from scratch to create your own Waze avatar.
  • Set up your route and buckle up!
  • And remember… Eyes on the road, and drive safe!

Is it free?

Yes, Waze is free to use and download.

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