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Do you want to take Shortcuts? If yes then you definitely have to try the Apple shortcuts application available on iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch. The Shortcuts app is a productivity application that allows you to automate lots of tasks by building customized shortcuts with multiple steps. Come and start becoming more productive, less repetitive, and really more agile.

What is Shortcuts?

A shortcut is a simple and fast way to get things done on your smartphone with your applications. Basically, a shortcut is composed of a series of actions. Each action is a building block, a single and specific step in your shortcut action's series. For example, the shortcut to 'make an animated GIF from the web' could be composed of the following actions: 'Get all the images of a web page', 'Make GIF from images', ''Send GIF to recipients". Each action will call a specific application.

What are the key features of Shortcuts?

  • Lots of pre-configured shortcuts and actions: The Shortcuts application already contains over 300 built-in actions and works with many built-in applications such as Maps, Camera, Reminders, Health, and all the other applications supported by Siri.

  • Build your customized shortcuts: Because shortcuts are built from actions you can either use the built-in actions or create your own ones, you already have the power to build shortcuts the way you want.

  • Launch shortcuts the way you want, easily: All Shortcuts can either be launched from the Shortcuts’ app or by configuring the shortcut to be launched from Siri. You just have to configure it to be launched from a pre-configured phrase.

  • More automation: You can also choose to trigger your shortcuts from an event such as the time of day (a specific time, at sunrise, at sunset, etc.), the location (when you or someone else leaves or arrives at a specific location, or at home, etc.) and many more. There are crazy configuration triggers to be used, you can check the automation triggers help.

  • Advanced configuration: There is always more to be discovered with the Apple Shortcuts app. If you are a little bit used to programmatic's logic you can go really further by using variables in your actions, using conditions, filters, adding prompts, running javascript, and more.

  • Keep your phone organized: You can do a lot of things with the Shortcut application without compromising your smartphone organization. All the shortcuts are stored in the “My Shortcuts” screen of your app. Each shortcut is a rounded rectangle with a dedicated color, icon, and title. All your shortcuts are also automatically organized in collections including “All shortcuts”, “Share Sheet”, “Apple Watch”, and “Sleep Focus”.

How to use Shortcuts on iPhone or other devices?

The Shortcut application is really simple to use, you can simply follow the following steps and let you guide by the affording interface :

  • Open Shortcuts and tap Get Started

  • Tap Create Shortcut or Configure Shortcut to edit an existing one

  • Add actions associated with applications and assemble them in the order you want

  • Optionally, add a Siri Command or an event to trigger it when you want.

Is Shortcuts free?

Shortcuts is a completely free application.

Is Shortcuts safe?

Shortcuts if definitely safe. It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. Because the application is developed by Apple, Apple's privacy policy is applied.

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