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Dev-Pascal is professional programming software that uses the Pascal language. It provides all the necessary tools for the realization of an IT project.

What are the key features of Dev-Pascal?

  • Creating: This software enables the user to create Windows or console-based Pascal programs using the Free or GNU Pascal. He can directly manage items from the interface by adding, removing, or moving them.
  • Debugging: Dev-Pascal also supports debugging genome databases and insight of applications. This operation aims to distinguish errors in the program lines. After that, the user is able to improve the source code and change some features.
  • Compatibility: this program is able to create different types of applications compatible with console, Windows os, and DLL programs. For that, it automatically inserts Pascal codes and statements that are fully customizable.
  • Miscellaneous: apart from these features, Dev-Pascal also gives the user the option to work with source files from an application using the debugging mode. It is also possible to create a new project by establishing all its content from the start.

Is it free?

The program is completely free of charge.

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