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Gambas is one of the most efficient programs that can be used as a compiler, an archiver, a scripter, an interpreter, and a development environment with several extension components.

What are the key features of Gambas?

  • Programming: Gambas is a programming language that is easy to handle thanks to its clear and intuitive interface as well as its reliability. Indeed, all functions are clearly indicated in a nice window.
  • Useful: those who used to work with Visual Basic or Qbasic or any other software using Basic syntax will have no trouble using Gambas: syntax remains the same. As a result, writing computer programs will be quickly performed without problem.
  • Scripting language: this application can also be used as a scripting language. This feature is made complete thanks to its scripter, a small Gambas executable allowing users to dump any Gambas code into a text file.
  • IDE: it is also worth noting that Gambas integrates an interpreter and an IDE. This will surely allow you to develop programs or applications without any difficulty. IDE is generally intended to manage versions and many others.
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