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Designed for students, BlueJ is a Java integrated development environment equipped with high-editor, compiler, virtual machine and debugger. Thanks to its various features, it allows users to be accustomed to developing complex language.

Key Features

  • Easy environment: BlueJ provides an easy to use environment that helps freshmen to learn the Java programming language, and helps make the transition into an IDE world (NetBeans).
  • Interactive interface: its interface is intuitive and easy at the same time. It helps beginners and advanced users to better experience the basic functions of the language. Ideal for everyone, it also includes a detailed PDF instruction manual.
  • Based on Blue System: this allows you to learn the Java language and environment. The project is also supported by Sun Microsystems so that users will realize that BlueJ is officially approved.
  • Object orientation: to make it easy, the concepts of objects and classes are presented in a visual manner. Both of them have a distinct visual representation so as to determine the class type of an object as well as its available methods, fields and behavior.

Other Systems

The BlueJ program is also available for Mac and Linux operating systems.

Is It Free?

Yes, the software is completely free of charge.