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RStudio is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) providing a great environment to code with R programming language. It features all the necessary tools you need to focus on editing and debugging codes and performing statistical analysis. It suits everyone's needs, no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro.

What is RStudio?

RStudio is the dedicated integrated development environment for the R programming language. Basically, it features all the tools you need to program everything you want using R with high efficiency. Powered by a great interface and debugging tools, you will manage your projects like a pro in no time.

What are the key features of RStudio?

  • Interface: The interface is clean and functional, making it simple to code with high efficiency. You can easily rearrange the layouts, manage multiple working directories using projects, and quickly access your code.
  • Code easily: It eases your programming sessions as it features syntax highlighting, auto-code completion, smart indentation, and more.
  • Execute: The source editor allows you to execute R code and get immediate results (however, you cannot run concurrent sessions). It also features tools for plotting, history recording, debugging, and workspace monitoring.
  • Import data: You can import data from an Excel database to R.
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  • RStudio Cloud: RStudio Cloud is the cloud version of this software to share projects online. It does not require any configuration or specific hardware and includes a free subscription plan.
  • Manage your environment: You have everything you need to change the global environment and manage the different packages.
  • Search and jump: You can instantly jump to function definitions through the very efficient search engine.
  • Debug: It comes with an interactive debugger to diagnose, spot, and fix errors promptly.
  • Learn: It bundles R documentation so you can quickly find the necessary help and pieces of information.

How to install RStudio?

  1. Before installing RStudio, ensure you have downloaded and installed R correctly.
  2. Download the RStudio version we provide you at the top of this page, execute the installer, and follow the installation process.
  3. You are good to go.

How to use RStudio?

If you want to learn how to master RStudio step-by-step, then you should look at the Beginner guide available on the official website, as it bundles several showcases and videos.

Is RStudio free?

RStudio is entirely free to use. Depending on your needs, you can also purchase the paid RStudio Pro version.

Is RStudio safe?

Yes, RStudio is safe to use. For further information about how your data can be used, you can consult the privacy policy.

How to update RStudio?

It is very simple, just go to Help > Check for Updates from the main panel and install a newer version if available.

What is the difference between R and R Studio?

R is the programming language you use to code your application and perform tasks. RStudio is the environment wherein you can code in R, but it also provides additional features we describe above. You can think about R as a knife and RStudio as the kitchen.

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