Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool free for PC

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  • Developer Microsoft Corp.
  • Version 5.84
  • License Freeware
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We cannot but be careful when it comes to the protection of our PC against malware. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is a type of software designed to remove viruses and other threats in your Windows computer system.

What are the key features of Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool?

  • Before removing the malware, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool begins by inspecting the nooks and crannies of the computer. In other words, it performs a full scan of the Windows system. This scan is done in real time. Therefore, as soon as it faces a suspicious file, it warns the user immediately.
  • Right after the scan, the application can process to the removing of dangers to ensure that there is no trace of it in the PC. It removes everything in its path. As an illustration, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool removes threats such as Blaster, Sasser or Mydoom. The users will be given a report about the scan with particular reference to the detected and removed malware.
  • In fact, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool creates a log named mrt.log where the user can find all the necessary information about the actions taken by the software as well as the state of the system. Microsoft monthly releases a new version of the software so that you can be updated about new version and also be aware of the latest new and incoming threats.

Is it free?

This software can be downloaded and used for free.

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