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Meet Bloatbox – your go-to wingman for taming the wild world of Windows applications! Ever wish you could easily clean up your app clutter, customize your Start Menu, and tweak things just the way you like? Well, come discover Bloatbox.

What is Bloatbox?

Bloatbox is a user-friendly open-source Windows tool that simplifies application management. It lets you reinstall default apps, selectively remove pre-installed ones, and customize your Start Menu effortlessly. Beyond that, it offers features like temporarily deactivating Windows Defender (though using it on Windows 10 is recommended) and blocking telemetry for enhanced privacy.

What are the key features of Bloatbox?

  • Intuitive interface: Navigate Bloatbox with ease through its user-friendly interface, designed to let you easily select all the apps you want and uninstall them all at once.

  • Streamlined application experience: It greatly simplifies the process of reinstating default applications on your system. Indeed, it provides a seamless and efficient means to curate your software suite.

  • Precision-based app removal: Exercise granular control over your system's software ecosystem by selectively excising specific pre-installed applications, allowing for a personalized and clutter-free computing environment.

  • Uninstallation of OneDrive: It even empowers you to optimize your system's performance and regain valuable storage. Launch a hassle-free uninstallation of OneDrive, and you will declutter your digital workspace.

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  • Meticulous Start Menu tile unpinning: Tailor your Start Menu with meticulous precision, effortlessly unpinning tiles to create a personalized layout that aligns with your workflow and preferences.

  • Windows Defender deactivation: For users seeking an advanced security approach, temporarily deactivate Windows Defender. However, it's imperative to note that using Windows Defender on consumer versions of Windows 10 is highly recommended for comprehensive protection.

  • Telemetry blockade: Elevate your privacy by implementing sophisticated firewall and host file rules. This proactive approach effectively thwarts telemetry, fostering a more secure and confidential computing atmosphere.

How to use Bloatbox?

  1. Once launched, click on Show system apps at the bottom of the interface.
  2. Select all the apps you want to uninstall from the left panel and click Add selected.
  3. If you added some apps by mistake, select these apps from the right panel and click Remove selected.
  4. Once done, click on Uninstall and wait for the process to complete.

Is Bloatbox free?

Yes, Bloatbox is free to use, so go for it.

Is Bloatbox safe?

Yes, Bloatbox is considered a safe-to-use open-source project.

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